Google Santa Tracker Christmas 2012


This year children can find out exactly where in the world Santa is at any given time. Google have received notice from the North Pole from one of Santa’s Elves that Santa’s Sleigh have been updated with the latest Google Maps Technologies to assist Santa on his Christmas journey this year.

 where is Santa now

The Google Maps and GPS system in Santa’s Sleigh will also allow children and parents across the world to track Santa anytime as he makes his journey to deliver Christmas Presents.

Santa Tracker Countdown

Google Santa Tracker Countdown

If you go to the Google Santa Tracker page you will find more information about Santa, his elves and  a simulation and games of Santa’s home in the North Pole filled with fun activities for Children wanting to know where is Santa Now, and those who cannot wait for Santa to come this Christmas.

If you visit the

Google Santa Tracker

page you will get a countdown on the home screen. This Countdown counts towards the official start of Christmas and when Santa starts his journey to deliver presents across the world.

If your Children asks you “Where is Santa now?” you can simply direct them to the Google Santa Tracker page where they can view the countdown and see for themselves where Santa is.

Google Games: Santa Tracker

Google have gone out of there way this year to provide children with activities on the Google Santa Tracker page. On the Google Santa Tracker page children can play several fun Google Games that will help make the time past quicker until Christmas.

Google Santa Tracker Christmas Games

In the Game interface children can navigate through the North pole Village and find these games hidden in the village.

Google Christmas Card

The Santa Tracker from Google allows people to register for the Santa Call and Christmas Card service. “Every holiday season Santa make personal phone calls to North American phone numbers (between the hours of 8am and 9pm), and send personal messages on Google+ and Email 24 hours a day.” – Santa

Google Santa Christmas Card

You can visit the Google Santa Tracker page, to register for the Santa Phone Call and Chistmas Card service for free this Christmas.

Santa Tracker 2012

This is the second here that we here at 3D Car Shows report on the Santa Tracker service and we love it! – If you are looking for Santa find him on Google!