Google+ Hashtags Google Real Time Search


Today February 4, 2014 I noticed for the fist time Google have made some #Awesome changes to their search engine pages. They have now integrated the Google+ Hastags directly into the Google Search Engine results, and I predict that this is going to be HUGE! – Now you can search your Google Search Normally and see what is Hot or Happening on Google+ on the sidebar of your Google Search Results.

Google+ Updates

This is going to be a huge blow to Facebook and other Social Media sites that relies on Hashtags to spread around activity on their pages. This will also likely enable Search Engine Optimization Specialists and Social Media strategists’ better opportunity to find out who is talking about what, and who the actual influencers of Search Terms are.

From the looks of it, it looks like the Google+ Hastags appear related to the search that you have typed in and is highly relevant to your search term. This brings a whole new perspective to “REAL TIME SEARCH” and you will be able to see INSTANTLY who the influencers are, and what is being said about the topic or keywords that you searched for!


I was doing a post about the New Nissan #TaketheDetour campaign when I discovered this update for the first time


Google+ Real Time Search


I think this is AMAZING and possibly the Biggest thing to happen in SEARCH and SOCIAL Media for a long time! This is a Game Changer for Google and anyone who is in marketing, Search Engine Optimization or Social media that is not yet utilizing Google+.