Google Project Glass


    Today 4 April 2012 Google provided information about its “Google Project Glass” concept. The Google Project Glass concept is creating a special kind of eyewear with a computer integrated into the eyewear.

    The eyewear at this time only have one lens, this lens is a transparent computer screen on which you can view computer graphics. To provide people with some insight of the project they have created a video demonstrating some of the functions available using the “Google Project Glass” in short you can read email, watch videos, browse the internet and use social media like Google+, Google places and even share your view with friends and family.

    Google Project Glass

    Google Project Glass might soon be the hottest ever eyewear fashion

    Although the “Google Project Glass” project is still in its infancy, it is not yet clear if they have a working model or not. One thing that is certain is that having a DKNY, Gucci, Guess, Prada, Police or Oakley glasses will never be the same again and the hottest ever sunglasses might be the “Google Project Glass (es)”.

    It would be interesting to see if the Sunglass Brands will try to negotiate with Google to use their brands in conjunction with the “Google Project Glass (es) or if Google will choose to go alone and replace all brands with the Google Glass brand.

    It would be interesting to see how this play out and if Google Project Glass (es) will indeed have an impact on Sunglass brands once they release their Google Project Glass(es).

    Google Project Glass – Smart Phone, GPS and Computer eyewear

    Smart phones maybe on their way out if Google can develop a commercial model of their Google Project Glass concept. Smart phones are not naturally part of the human anatomy, and one of the biggest disadvantages of a smart phone is that it keep’s at least one hand busy when you are using it. The Google Project Glass if it does not have a negative impact on your eyes might be the most natural technology ever. Millions if not billions, of people around the world wear glasses or sunglasses every day. Once you get used to eyewear it becomes much less intrusive than carrying your smart phone everywhere where you go.

    If Google can make optimal use of the lenses and trick the eyes into a virtual reality world without being intrusive to the real world they will have created the ultimate mobile computer, Smartphone and communication system which could easily make the Smartphone absolute.

    Their biggest problem is going to be the displaying of data without causing people to get eye tired, headaches, squint eyes and creating distraction that cause accidents. If they can overcome the human anatomy limitations on using such technologies it would be the best ever communication solution ever created.

    Google Project Glasses – Knowledge available anywhere

    The Google Project Glass (es) concept will enable people to have the internet available to them anywhere. It will also make it possible for people to find information wherever they are and at anytime in a very convenient and unobtrusive way. At this stage you may think that this is already available to you via your Smartphone.  Here at 3D Car Shows we think that the biggest problem with Smartphones is the tiny buttons and the tiny display size of the screen. This makes it difficult for us to have the knowledge available to us everywhere. If you are looking for lots of detail about something the size of your smart phone screen might just not be good enough to go into the details.

    The “Google Project Glass Glasses could use the lens of the eyewear in such a way that if you chose you could enter a virtual world where you could explore things in such detail like it has never before been possible. Instead of seeing 10cm by 150cm the screen could become everything that you see inside the virtual world.

    I do not believe that the “Google Project Glass” is there yet, but it is the build on to the ultimate way of experiencing the virtual world, similar to reality. The only way that makes current sense is by having a “Real world Pixel display” in front of your eyes making it seem real, and this is where the Google Project Glass (es) may go!

    The Race is on! He who makes the best Virtual Computer Glass (es) will make lots of money.

    It may sound very futuristic, but most of the technologies already exist to make it almost possible to replace normal (human eye’s) viewing with computerized viewing. High Definition resolution and small camera’s are already available.

    Please note that this article is not just all about facts, we do not have all the facts about the “Google Project Glass” and it is speculating about the possibilities of the Google Project Glass concept!

    Instead of viewing the world directly, In future versions of the “Google Project Glass” concept lenses, may be completely replaced by “computer screens and camera’s” allowing you to view the lens, and the lens stream images of the real world onto the lens as well as the computer images to the lens, allowing one to be truly merged into a real and virtual world.

    The “Google Project Glass” concept is likely still a few years away of becoming everyday technology, however it is very enlighten to see that there are companies working on these technologies!

    For more information about the “Google Project Glass” concept you can read more on the official pages of the

    “Google Project Glass”

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