Google Project Glass – Glasses it is more than search – The death of a cellphone


    At least once a week I am totally amazed by the latest gadgets, software technology and applications that are made available. If the internet and technology moved fast before it is moving even faster now. I remember when Bill Gates made world news saying that “If Motor Manufacturers had kept up with the technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25.00 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon.”

    google glasses

    If you keep an eye on technology that have made their ways into cars, you will be surprised at the tremendous pace technology are now adopted into cars. It is just splendid if you love technology!

    Today 4 April 2012 I saw for the first time the “Google Project Glass” and this is what is going to kill the cellphone’s as we know them today. Yeah Right, I can year some people say.

    The Google Project Glass have the potential to make cellphones extinct!

    Just a few years ago there were thousands of businesses that used typewriters. Today I doubt or at least haven’t seen any businesses that still use typewriters. The typewriter either evolved into the computer, or it were killed by the computer. In any case we are not talking computers or typewriters here, we are talking about the Google Project Glass.

    The Google Project Glass allows users to wear glasses. The glasses are powered by a powerful small computer which makes it possible for a user to perform computer tasks via eye movement or with voice commands. Now this may sound very far-fetched to some people but it makes perfect sense. Playing with the glasses and the lens and computer screen it is possible to trick the eye and display billboard sized information on the 50mm lens.

    google eye wear

    It is also possible likely that you will be able to train the “Google Project Glasses” to watch your eye and calibrate the lenses and computer system for your eye movements. Once your eye is calibrated and trained you could easily just by blinking or looking at an icon on the lens and provide it with instructions!

    The possibilities with the “Google Project Glasses” are endless. At some stage it might even be possible to build the system into contact lenses but I doubt if we would be there in the next 5 years.

    From the video Google made available about the Google Glass Project it is evident that the Google Glasses might make cellphones old technology. Inside the frame of the Google Glasses is a build in speaker making it possible for people to have voice conversations. It is also evident that the Google Glasses are connected to the internet and must use some sort of wireless technology enabling internet on the glasses.

    Now millions of people are wearing glasses around the world and you seldom here about someone’s glasses that got stolen, or that someone have lost their glasses. We also have become so used to carry our cellphones in our hands and maybe because it is in our hands all the time we do not adhere to cellphone etiquette. I just hate it when I talk to someone and they are busy typing a message on their smart phone.

    The Google Project Glass will free-up people’s hands again and instead of having your smart phone in your hand, you will have a computer in your glasses capable of voice and text and all communication options that were available to you on your smart phone. What is even better about this technology instead of having a very limited display your google eyewear could potentially have a small screen providing you with more viewing space than on any available computer screen at the moment.

    google project glass

    These are just a few reasons why the

    Google Glass Project

    have the potential to make typewriters out of smart phones. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to test these smart glasses and provide you with more information about the technology as it becomes closer to reality.