Google Powered Christmas Cards from Santa: Send your Santa Card Today


    The Big Google Surprise this Christmas Send Santa Cartoon Messages to love ones this Xmas

    Just when we thought that the biggest surprise Google has in store for us this year were the “let it snow” feature that went viral within a few days. Literally millions of people have viewed the “let it snow” feature on Google.

    “This is a Google Santa Card I have created for Ronel. Each card are different based on the options you choose when creating your own Santa Card. Go check it out!”

    Google comes with yet the biggest surprise of them all. Be one of the first to check out the “Send a Call from Santa” site, which is powered by Gmail and Google.

    The “Send a Call from Santa” site allows you to send a Christmas card from Santa to your loved ones. Unlike the Elf Yourself site which were free to use up until this year. You can now still send a Christmas card to someone for free! – Best of all it is powered by Google and Gmail.

    All you need to do is sign-up on the site. You need to fill in some details about yourself and the person that you wish to send the Google Santa Christmas Card to.

    You will need to answer some personal questions about your loved one. This will be used to create a unique Christmas card from Santa to your loved one. By choosing stuff that is applicable about the person you are sending the card to, the card becomes relevant and personal. Making the “Send a Call from Santa” so much more fun and personal!

    Once you have answered all the questions and customized your “Google Send a Call from Santa Christmas Card” you will have the options to either email the Christmas card or you can send the message as a phone call to the person.

    (You will need to check if the call is free within your country. From the limited information we currently have about the Google Send a Call from Santa we believe that the calls will only be free if you live in the USA or in Canada).

    You will also have the option to send the “Call from Santa” to your Google+ account and your loved one’s Google+ Profile. This will automatically upload the “Call From Santa” card to YouTube where you can watch the “Call From Santa” card for free and as often as you like to!

    To create your own Santa Christmas Card powered by Google go to

    now where you can spread holiday cheer to friends and loved ones with a personalized video or phone call from Santa.

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