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    Google+ Personal SearchToday January 11, 2012 Google updated their search results with a new way to search Google. The Google Personalized search results connect with your Google+ Profile and integrate deeply with your friends making Search a very personal experience.

    The New Way to search Google is truly a Personalized Search Experience. If you are one of the early adopters of Google+ and have a significant amount of people in your circles, you will immediately see the benefits of the new Google Personal Search Feature.

    If you do not have a Google+ Profile yet, it is a must have! Go and register your Google+ Profile today if you cannot see what the Buzz is about!

    Google+ it is who you know

    One of the things I like best about the new Google+ Personal Search is that the Google Search Engine has changed from a cold impersonal Search Engine to an Interactive Personal Search engine. If someone is in your Google+ Profile and they have +1 something on the internet, and you search via the Google Search Engine for the same thing you will see your friend’s results for the same thing as what you have searched for in the “Organic” Search Results of Google.

    Google+ Personalized Search

    How do the Google+ Personalized Search work?

    • You need to have a Google+ Profile Account.
    • You need to be signed into your Google+ Profile Account to see Google Personalized Search Results.
    • You’re friends need to be active on Google+ and have +1 some search results.
    • If you share similar interests with your friends and search something that one of your friends have +1 you will see their +1 search result within the Google+ Search Personalized Results.

    Google+ Personalized Search Video:

    We have created a short video to show you what the Google+ Personalized Search feature looks like if you cannot see it yet!

    I do not see the Google+ Personalized Search Results

    If you cannot see the Google+ Personalized Search Results it could be because you do not have a Google+ Profile page and are not signed into your Google+ Profile page when performing a search. Google is also rolling out the Google+ Personalized Search in Phases and you might just need to be patient it is coming.

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     – This is the Google Page for the New Google Search, plus Your World Personal Search Engine. You can also view our article on

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