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We first reported on the new “Google Personal Search” or “Search plus Your World” on the day that Google have released the new way of searching. In our article we stated that Google+ have just become the most important Social Media Network in the world. Here at 3d-car-shows.com we still stand by our previous statement. […]

personal search disappearingWe first reported on the new “Google Personal Search” or “Search plus Your World” on the day that Google have released the new way of searching. In our article we stated that Google+ have just become the most important Social Media Network in the world. Here at 3d-car-shows.com we still stand by our previous statement. For us the new Google+ Integrated Personal Search results have brought us closer to the people that follow the 3D Car Shows site on Google+.


3D Car Shows

to your Google+ Circles.

In our opinion once you get the hang of the new “Personal Search” you will love it too. It is our believe that many people complain about the Google+ Personal Search results because they haven’t really started working on their Google+ Profile pages. If you have many active friends on Google+ it becomes a whole new ball game. It is interesting to see your friends or customers from your Google+ pages appearing in your search results and interesting to see what they have an interest in.

We have many photographers on our Google+ pages as well as on our Google+ Personal Profile pages. Here at 3D Car Shows we are interested in Photography and seeing some of these top Photographers appearing in search results relating to Camera Brands are very interesting. It is also possible to contact these guys directly and get an opinion from them about a specific camera page which they have liked on Google+. Most of these guys and girls are the best of the best and their opinion is for me far more important than that of a friend (Who do not know cameras) and a Sales person selling these cameras.

One of the things that will make your Google+ experience more rewarding is by following authorities in specific industries. By following these Authorities you can get expert advice by seeing what they have +1. What is even more amazing is that you might not actually know that one of your Google+ Circle members are an expert on something, or might simply forget that they are a Guru in their field. However once you search for something you might see them popping up in your personal search results, and when you relook their profile discover that they are an expert in the field.

If for some reason you do not like Google+ Personal Search results you may want to give it a try, for us it is really good. If you are in business you may find that you are dominant in Facebook and Twitter and do not need a new Social Media platform. By neglecting Google+ now and not taking it up you might regret it later as many people and businesses are becoming powerful in Google+ you are being left behind and might never catch up! The trick with Google+ is to make sure you follow REAL Businesses and REAL People and Authorities within the industries you search the most. Once you have a few quality people in your Circles you will soon discover why “Google have become the best and most important Social Media Network in the world”.

My Google+ Personal Search Results have disappeared.

Many people are posting to their Google+ Profile pages that their Google Personal Search results have disappeared and that they cannot see the Google Personal Search Results. For us this is currently the worst thing of the “Personal Search or Search plus Your World” feature. Our own personal search results keep on disappearing and coming back just to disappear again. Once you are hooked on the Google+ Search Plus your world you will understand how frustrating this can be! We love the Google Personal Search function and it is just not right for it to disappear.

We believe the core problem exists with Google’s infrastructure hosting the Google+ Personal Search plus results. Google have made the decision to roll out the Google+ Search Plus your world to the whole world at once. This is a very bold move and we believe that this is causing the problems with the Search plus your world feature appearing and disappearing for some users. We also believe that it will sort itself out over the next few days, weeks as Google engineers look into the problem.

Here at 3D Car Shows we are not criticizing Google for these problems that they are experiencing bringing the “Google Personal Search” to the world. If you are a software engineer you will know how amazing it actually is for Google to have introduced Google+ to the whole world and also the brilliance behind the Google+ Personal Search feature. These problems that we are currently experiencing with the Personal Search Results disappearing is a minor setback for now and hopefully the Google Software engineers will have it sorted out soon!

Another theory that we have on the Google Personal Search Results appearing and disappearing is maybe because of the Google Datacenters that we connect to. It is possible that there is still Google Datacenters which does not have the Google+ Personal Search results active. (This is good because we know Google have some powerful backup systems in place should there go something major wrong with the Google+ Personal Search and they need to go back to a previous version of the Google Search Results).

If you have trouble seeing the Google+ Personal Search results you may want to try going to


. This will take you to google.COM and you should see the Personal Search results here if you are using a country specific Google Search Engine where Google Personal searches is currently not showing.

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Published : Wednesday January 25, 2012

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