Google Nose Smell it!


Google Nose: Used napkin, Cabernet, Campsite, Success, Diaper

Today if you visit Google (1 April, 2013) you would expect to see a Google Doodle either about Easter or one that features the latest April Fool’s Joke for 2013. Today 1st April 2013 you will not find such Google Doodle, but if you look just beneath the Google Logo you will see the words “New! What’s that smell? Find out with Google Nose”.

Now surely by this time it is hard to know if it is a Google April Fool’s Joke, or if it is something that they are joking about NOW, but will indeed soon become part of their impressive line of products. You may see a new button in your Google Top Toolbar when you are signed into Google+ showing the Google Nose search button.

Google Nose Search

“Google Nose added to the Google Toolbar”

Now as far as Google Nose may sound it might just be something that will soon become a reality. If you look at the Google Self-Driving cars for Nascar 2012 April Fool’s joke, it might have sounded just as farfetched, however the

Self Driving car

is already a reality only 1 year later after Google have introduced the self-driving car, of course the car still have to drive at Nascar, but already it is a viable concept with many other motor manufacturers experimenting with the concept and already having concept cars.

So in my opinion people may laugh at Google’s Nose Smell Search this April fool’s day, but who knows we might soon see this technology incorporated into modern day technology!

How does Google Nose work?

You simply need to visit the Google Homepage today, here you will find a link at the bottom of the Google Doodle leading to the Google Nose page.

Google Nose

If you click on the Google Nose link you will be taken to a page about Google Nose, on this page you will get some examples of how Google Nose works, and you can Try the Google Nose service for yourself.

Google Nose


The Google Nose search feature will allow wine lovers the opportunity to smell their favorite Cabernet before buying it. Cooks and students can also use the Google Nose search service to pick and smell their favorite cabernets before having to purchase it. People interesting to learn more about cabernets can also use the Google Nose services to smell different Cabernet’s that they may have never been able to smell otherwise.

For wine farmers and wine makers this service will be very valuable to market their products to local and international customers and restaurateurs who can use more of their senses to help them find a quality Cabernet.


The Cabernet example is one of the searches that you can try out on the new Google Nose Search service for yourself.


In the Google Nose try it yourself examples of the new Google Nose search facility you can find out what a campsite smells like. This example may have some interesting applications for the tourism industry. Imagine you want to go camping somewhere, and want to sense more about the environment where you would like to go camping. You can then search for the Campsite and smell the environment for yourself. The Google Nose smell will provide you with smells typically from a Campsite like barbeque, flowers, grass and fresh air. Not only is it a good way to get into the mood for camping but could also be used to smell the scent at the ocean, or maybe inside an Indian or Chinese restaurant.

For the holiday and travel industry Google Nose could have thousands of different applications that would make selecting a Campsite or Hotel or holiday spot that much more interesting!


“The smell of a Campsite is one of the examples of how Google Nose works from the Google Nose Smell it page”

These are just a few of the examples from Google Nose, and many people will easily laugh this off as just another April’s Fools joke, but I think that Google have proven in the past that we should not laugh to quickly at their April Fools jokes, what might seem like a Joke today, might soon become reality!

What do you think of the new Google Nose Search Project…

Is it an April Fools Joke, or could it soon become everyday technology?