Google News: Get Your Business Online with Google


Google News: Get Your Business Online with Google

Johannesburg, South Africa – 3D Car Shows – Today Google South Africa launched a free website service for South Africans. If you live in South Africa and want to start your own business website you can now use the Google Business Sitebuilder to build your own site for free, with the Get your business online […]

South African Business Woza OnlineJohannesburg, South Africa – 3D Car Shows – Today Google South Africa launched a free website service for South Africans. If you live in South Africa and want to start your own business website you can now use the Google Business Sitebuilder to build your own site for free, with the Get your business online with Google and WozaOnline association.

Google South AfricaWe stumbled onto the new service accidently by opening the Google South African search engine site and noticed the text just below the Google logo saying “

New! Get your business online


If you follow the Google link you will see that the South African Government the Department of Trade and Industry, Vodacom, The Human Resource Development Council of South Africa and Google are partnered in the project to provide South African Entrepreneurs and Business people with the means to create their own free business website online.

The website is not just a website, it actually offers you “Free Tools and Advanced Functions” some professional and Full time web developers still struggle to design and develop. These Professional tools make the Google SiteBuilder and WozaOnline system truely remarkable!

You do not have to know any coding to develop your own website and to add content and products to your site. We have tested the system and it is easy to use if you have a Facebook or Google+ account you will already be familiar with most of the functions in the Google SiteBuilder tool and if you can manage any of these Social Media sites, the Google SiteBuilder tool should be just as easy to use.

“You might want to get a professional graphic designer to design a high quality logo for your business if you do not have one already”

What is WozaOnline?

WozaOnline is an initiative to get South African Businesses online. In South Africa there are many small businesses and entrepreneurs that want’s to start their own online businesses but the costs involved are beyond their reach. The WozaOnline system allows these small businesses to start their own online business by making use of the Google Business Sitebuilder CMS system. Any business owner or entrepreneur can now use the WozaOnline site and Google Business Sitebuilder to start their own online business and website.

The Google Business Sitebuilder CMS system are an advanced system that allows users with little or no html, hosting and coding knowledge to build a professional business online for free. The system have advanced technologies built into it and users can point and click to get functionality on their sites.

Some of the advanced features include:

    • Google+ Integration (Social Networking).
    • Shopping Cart System.
    • Product Listing Pages.
    • Advanced Contact Us form.
    • Google Analytics and Statistics.
    • Google Places and Google Maps integration.
    • High quality templates to choose from.
    • Custom Templates, and custom page layouts.
    • Free Hosting.
    • Instant website translation in most of the world’s languages.

WozaOnline Workshops.

Many people in South Africa still strugle with using computers. Previously disadvantaged people and people living in rural areas still have no or limited access of knowledge of computers. In an effort to help people with getting online and start their own businesses WozaOnline and the Department of Trade and Industry are planning to hold workshops accross South Africa to provide people with assistance to start their own WozaOnline sites and teach them the basics of setting up their own websites and managing their online business. The WozaOnline site also provide easy to follow tutorials and videos to make it easy for someone with limited knowledge and computer skills to start their Free Professional Website Business online.

 Free R500 Google Adwords Voucher to help you get started!

To further assist entrepreneurs and businesses with their online business Google have created a spesial offer for first time Adwords users. If you haven’t used Adwords before Google will give you R500.00 for free to use in their Advertising Network and get your business started. We recommend that before you take up this offer you learn more about Adwords and Best Practises when using Adwords. This will help you to get the maximum from your Free Google Adwords voucher.

If you use your Google Adwords voucher to market your Business online you will soon discover the power of beeing online. Google Adwords if used correctly can immediately help you to sell your products online, without the hassle of you having to search for clients. The Google Adwords Advertising system is one of the easiest Online Advertising Methods to drive clients to your business!

Vodacom South Africa

Vodacom one of South Africa’s major Mobile Telecommunication Providers have joined the WozaOnline site as an official partner and offer the first 10 000 people who join the WozaOnline services with a free South African Domain Registration. This will enable a WozaOnline Google Business Sitebuilder the opportunity to have their, own business domain name like airline-tickets.co.za or cheap-flight.co.za or whatever their business is called.

Entrepreneurs and business people who join the wozaonline Google Sitebuilder site after the 10 000 domains are gone will have a website address like: business-name.wozaonline.co.za. This domain name will be free to use. Alternatively WozaOnline users will be able to register their own South African Domain name.

Setup a shopping cart on your WozaOnline site using the Google Business Sitebuilder.

Only a few years ago companies paid webmasters thousands of Rands to develop online shopping carts for them. Today with the launch of the WozaOnline site and the Google Business Sidebuilder a basic shopping cart is included in the website. Entrepreneurs and Business owners who want to sell their products online can now do so with the latest Google Business Sitebuilder and WozaOnline website.

In your Google Business Sitebuilder Control panel you only need to activate your shopping cart and start uploading the products that you want to sell online.

To setup your shopping cart in your free website system is extremely easy and WozaOnline and Google Business Sitebuilder have instructions to make it easy for anyone to follow. For us here at 3D Car Shows who have been involved in web development since 1995 this is truly amazing to see how easy it has been made to start your own professional business online with the WozaOnline and Google Business Sitebuilder.

Make Money from Your Wozaonline site using Google Adsense

The Wozaonline service in association with Google allows for easy integration with Adsense. If you write compelling articles and your website receive visitors to your site. You can add Google Adsense as an alternative income stream to your Business website. Serving Adsense ads make it easy for you to earn money. Many advertisers will not be interested to pay you money for advertising on your site if your site only receives a small number of visitors.

We here at 3D-Car-Shows.com are very excited about the WozaOnline service and would like to congratulations all the parties involved with the launch of the WozaOnline pages!

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Published : Friday January 20, 2012

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