Google New Year Surprise, the New Google Look?


    Is this the Google New Year surprise that we have been waiting for? I have just opened my browser and within the Gray Bar at the top found the following message – “Welcome to the new way to navigate Google. Roll over the logo to have a look”.

    This whole Christmas period Google entertained the world and brought a “Holiday Season” spirit to the internet that they haven’t done before. Here at 3D Car Shows we have been speculating about “What will Google do for New year” and for us this is a big indication that Google is going to be on Fire in the New Year.

    Google Front Page Most Valuable real-estate on the Internet change just before New Year

    Today the 28th of December 2011 Google made a major change to their frontage of their Search Engine. This might still be a Google Experiment but we believe that Google have already done their homework on the latest changes to the frontage of the Google Search Engine. You just do not go and paint the most valuable property in the world “purple or green” if you don’t first make sure the colors will fit.

    We believe that Google have done several tests to make sure that the latest changes and the new Google Look will have a positive influence on how people use Google.

    We bet that there were even psychologists involved using the human psyche and human eyeball tests to determine what would be most beneficial to Google and it’s users with the new Google Look!

    Where do we predict Google will go in the New Year

    Many people have been bashing Google for their failed attempts to get Social Media launched in the past. Here at 3D Car Shows we stayed up to date with most of the Google Social Media developments that they have undertaken. It is our opinion that Google have in-fact not been trying to become the next “Facebook” or the next “Twitter”. Google needed some time to figure out how to create the most amazing integrated product the world have ever seen. It is our opinion the new Google roll-out today is going to change the world of internet once again! This is a MAJOR GAME CHANGE FROM GOOGLE!

    Google is not only a Search Engine anymore; soon people will have little choice to start using Google+ Profiles and Google+ Business pages as part of their Search Engine and Internet Experience, and those who object will quickly find out how easy it is to get left behind if you are not an early adaptor of new technologies.

    Already many Facebook users with Big Influence within Facebook have lost major grounds to up and coming influencers in Google+. In Google+ there is a large community of young entrepreneurs and business influencers adapting and embracing Google+ and developing Social Media Celebrity status and empires within Google+.

    Our prediction for the New Year is that Google will integrate its products into such a powerful integrated product that people who do not adapt the Google+ Phenomenon will get left behind.

    New Google Search Engine Look

    Google Search New Look

    “The new Google Search Page look – Google have today 28th December 2011, 3 days before the New Year 2012 Updated their search engine with a new look. In the picture above you can see the new Google Icon on the left hand site of the screen. When you now click on the Google Icon, a menu slides out with some of the most used Google Products!”

    New Look for Google+


    “The old Google+ look, Google have also just updated the Google+ Pages Look”

    Google+ Pages New Look

    “Image of the New Google+ Profile pages new look. Google is starting to roll out the full power of their Google+ product. In the image above you can see the new look of the Google+ Pages”

    “You will see in the picture above that Google have replaced the ugly gray bar with their new logo, which is a menu – once you hover over the Google Logo it will show you the most popular Google Products. These products used to be displayed in the ugly gray bar”

    “The Google Plus Indicator showing your post status and amount of friends that have +1 (liked) your pages, joined etc is also now replaced by a soft gray color!”

    New Google Maps Look

    Google Maps New Look

    “Google Maps have also been updated with the new Google Search Engine Look. The New Google Menu system makes it easy for one to navigate between the different Google Products. The Menu also integrates the new Google+ Profiles functions, making it easy to share data to your Google+ Pages”

    Gmail New Google Look

    “Google Gmail also gets the New way of search – Making it easy to switch from one Google product to another”

    For more information about the new Google Way of Searching: