Google Maps: Santa Clause in Australia


    Google Maps: Santa Clause in Australia

    This year you can track Santa with the NORAD Santa Tracking system. The Norad Tracking system is a USA and Canada initiative of the North American Air-Defense (Canada and the USA).

    Traditionally they track the whereabouts of Santa Clause each Christmas as he and his reindeer make their flight over the world to deliver Christmas Presents.

    Where is Santa Now?

    While it is still the 23rd of December here, Santa Clause is just arriving in Australia, where he will be delivering some of his first presents to people in Australia. If you were a Good Boy or Girl this year it is likely that Santa will arrive now at any time at your house to deliver your Christmas presents.

    Where is Santa Australia

    To Track Santa go to the Norad site and use Google Maps to track the whereabouts of Santa!

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