Google Gideon Sundback Doodle a Big Hit


If you haven’t seen the Google Gideon Sundback Doodle yet, we recommend that you open the Google Homepage and see what all the talk is about. You have to visit the Google Doodle on the 24th of April 2012 otherwise it is going to disappear. The Gideon Sundback is the best Google Doodle for 2012 so far, if we look at all the comments we have received from a previous article about the

Gideon Sundback


Gideon Sundback

The Gideon Sundback Zipper Doodle makes use of HTML5 allowing visitors to interact with the Google Doodle. You can click on the doodle and move your mouse up or down which will open the zipper, revealing the search results for Gideon Sundback. Here you can learn why Google is commemorating the birth of Gideon Sundback.

For me one of the fun parts of a new Google Doodle is to discover what it is about. Learning that I should have actually known more about the Google Doodle than what I do. Gideon Sundback invented the zipper, without this information I might have never known it, thinking that the person responsible for the Zipper was called Zipper.

Gideon Sundback was the Inventor of the modern day Zipper. Today would have marked his 132nd Birthday. In 1917 Gideon Sundback filed a patent for his development of the Zip, at the time it were still called the “Seperate Fastener” (U.S. Patent 1,219,881).

 In 1923 the “Seperate Fastener” was dubbed the “Zipper”. The name stuck and today everyone knows what a ZIPPER is. Gideon Sundback developed a machine to make his zippers, allowing for mass manufacturing.

Today the Zipper is still one of the most important parts of modern clothing. Without knowing it, the invention of Gideon Sundback plays a very important role in everyday life.

History of Gideon Sundback Video

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