Google Games for Chinese New Year 2013


Today if you visit several of the Asian Google Search Engine homepages you will find a new version of the classic “Snakes Game” in the Google Doodle. The game is one of several Games that Google have featured on their homepage, forming part of the Google Doodle celebrating a special event, birthday or holiday. The February 10th Google Doodle  allows one to play the “Snakes” game.

Chinese New Year

To play the snakes Google game, you use your keyboards, up, down, left and right arrow keys, several different objects drops in from the top of the screen, which you should eat with your snake, to get points. The game also allows play for only 30 seconds during which you need to eat as many of these objects as possible. You should avoid the crackers as this will make you snake freeze for a few seconds.

All though the game is totally different from the Classic snakes game, it is still fun to play, and a great way to ring in the Chinese New Year.

Google Games Snake Chinese New Year

Google Games

“If you missed the Chinese New Year Google Snake Game – above is a picture of the game”

Last year it were the year of the “Dragon” and this year it is the year of the “Snake” making the Google Doodle highly relevant!

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve. Kids are “forced” to do spring cleaning. It’s part of the entire Chinese New Year celebration process of shopping, cleaning, eating, gambling (just for fun), and visiting relatives. And fireworks. Of course, younger people will also be busy collecting red envelopers (stuffed with cash) from senior family members.

If you are celebrating the Chinese New Year, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year, and hope that you will have a great day and year!