Google Drive it is here


It is finally here, now you can store your data online with Google Drive

. Google Drive is a online storage system that allows you to save your files online. It is almost the same as a physical hard drive, the main difference is that it is online and you can easily share your files with other users on the internet. In the last couple of months Google have made some serious effort to integrate Google+ with all of it’s products.

Google Drive

The efforts of product integration by google are paying off and Google+ users can use Google Drive for online file storage. Tighter product integration by Google also allows you to use the Google Drive service with Gmail, Google+ and other Google products.

How much does the Google Drive service cost?

Google is making 5GB available for free to any user who signs up for the service. If you are a Google+ or Gmail user your Google Drive will become available as part of the service within the next couple of days if it is not already active.

Google is also offering its users the ability to buy more storage space from them. The storage costs for additional gigabytes are very competitively priced, and offer users a cheap and reliable way of storing their files online. It would be interested to see if one can actually store and run a custom website from your Google Drive.

Check out this cool video explaining the Google Drive Concept.

Why would you want to store your files with Google Drive?

Google Drive provides users the opportunity to always have critical files available where ever they have internet access. If you’re laptop or Personal Computer gets stolen or damaged you could have all your important files online and can download these files again without losing your work. The Google Drive is not only a premium backup service, but you can also use it to share information with others. You do not have to worry about security since you can choose who have access to your files and who not. The Google Drive is the ideal platform to store files, programs, work, sensitive information, photo’s and videos.

 Google Drive Notification

Google Drive not yet available

If you’re Google Drive is not yet available you can go to the Google Drive Notify page where you can ask Google to notify you once your Google Drive becomes available. Like many of Google services they initially only roll it out to a selected few. You can speed up the process by going to the Google Notify page and request to be notified when your Google Drive becomes available. (This will in many cases speed up the process!).

When will your Google Drive become available?

Your Google Drive will become available as soon as it is your time in the queue. To speed up the processing of your Google Drive ask Google to notify you once it is available.

We recommend that you get your Google Drive today

If you haven’t signed up for Google+ yet, we highly recommend that you do so now. Google+ allows you to integrate with all Google products offering many benefits. If you have a Google+ account you will automatically get your own Google Drive online storage space.

Google Drive for Smartphones and IPad

If you are running devices with limited physical hard drive space then you have to get the Google Drive. The Google Drive allows you to use your Google Drive with your limited physical hard drive device thus being able to have more files, photos and images available to your limited device!