Google Doodle: London 2012 Javelin


Today Google have chosen the London 2012 Javelin competition to be featured on its homepage. This is extremely good news for the sport as the spot will direct large amounts of people to the “London 2012 Javelin” competition and possibly boost interest and participation in the sport. This move by the search engine is bound to offer the sport unprecedented exposure.

London 2012 Javelin

This is something I like about the way that Google have picked there Google Doodles this Olympics; they have given sport like the London 2012 Javelin games incredible exposure which will be good for the sport in years to come.

The London 2012 Javelin doodle is so far the “Best London 2012 Olympics” doodle for us and we hope to see even better doodles for the Olympics in the next few days. One of the things I like about the image is the angle at which the doodler has drawn the image. If you watch the London 2012 Javelin live on television you will see that the television broadcast images uses the same camera style as the image.

It is also one of the first London 2012 Google Doodles with a night-time theme. In front taking the spotlight is the Javelin athlete, preparing for a throw. The athlete is dressed in orange and red and although I am sure it represents one of the countries participating at the Olympics the colours are general enough to represent all athletes participating in the sport.

The London 2012 Javelin competition is taking place in the grand Olympic stadium and with the stands and people in the background it is evident that the games are contested in the grand arena. Although the spectators are only small spots in the doodle, there is enough detail in the London 2012 Javelin image to see some of the spectators taking pictures at the event.

In the skyline one can see the “Google” words written, this have become synonymous with almost all Google Doodles, allowing Google to brand the logo as their own. The background also has the skylights of the stadium putting the London 2012 Javelin athlete in the lime light. One thing that is really interesting in the image are the “Airship” in the night sky behind the stadium and it would be interesting to get more opinions on why there is an airship in the image.

What is also fascinating about the London 2012 Javelin competition, throwing a javelin were part of war. This is one of the only event’s at the Olympics which have its origins from war, turned to sport.

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