Google Doodle Keith Haring’s 54th Birthday


    Today Google is honoring Keith Haring by replacing the normal Google Doodle with the Keith Haring’s 54th birthday logo. The logo is representative of the art Keith Haring were most famous for. In the 1980’s Keith Haring developed his unique art similar to Graffiti. Keith Haring is possibly the most well known US artist of the 80’s.

    Google Doodle Keith Haring 54th Birthday

    He started his career in New York City where he created art in the streets of New York. He used his art to fight corruption, inhumanity, Anti-Apartheid and when he was diagnosed with Aids he became an activist for Aids. He founded the Keith Haring’s Foundation that today still exists. The purpose of the Keith Haring’s Foundation is to use Keith’s Art Legacy to help raise funds for organizations that are in need of funds to create awareness about Aids and other related issues.

    Keith Haring also founded the Pop shop who sold his art. The actual store which were located in New York City closed its doors in September 2005. The store is however still available online.

    In today’s Google Doodle one can clearly see the work of Keith Haring in the art work. Google have been provided with permission to represent Keith Haring in there Google Doodle by the Keith Haring foundation. We here at 3D Car Shows think that the Google Doodler have done a stunning job to represent Keith Haring’s work with the Google Haring’s 54th Birthday Google Doodle.

    The Google Doodle gives the idea of excitement and vibrancy and seems lively just like the streets of New York in the 80’s when Keith Haring painted the streets red…

    The Google Doodle is using the same colors as the normal Google logo. The “G” is represented by 3 Man Figures. It looks like the figures are shedding their skins and maybe losing inhibitions by changing from one skin to the other.

    The “O” is represented by a flying red man or angel? This is one of the characters that Keith Haring created. The second “O” in the Google Doodle is yellow and is created by two characters dancing.

    The second “G” is also blue and made up of two figures stringed together. The “L” is Green and also represented by a figure of a dancing crocodile or dog, which were also frequently used by Keith Harding in his art. The last letter of the Google Doodle the “E” is done in red.

    We here at 3D Car Shows only learned about Keith Haring today, before Google have released the doodle we did not know much about Keith Haring. We have done some research about Keith and his amazing legacy. If you have anything interesting to share about

    Keith Haring

    please share it in the comment section!