Google Doodle Earth Day 2013

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: April 22, 2013
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Today April 22, 2013 is Earth Day 2013.

If it was not for Google today I might have missed the fact that people across the world is making use of Earth Day 2013 to make people aware of serious climate change and global warming issues that our Planet face.

Google Doodle

I must commemorate Google for their noble effort to use their Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle today, to make millions of people like me aware of Earth Day 2013 and the purpose of the day.

Earth Day 2013 Google Doodle

The earth day 2013 Google Doodle is in the form of an animation. The animation show the deteriorate effect of global warming and climate change on our planet. In my opinion the animation is a bit slow in the Google Doodle and makes it hard in a fast pace environment to see the whole animation. However I believe that this is actually part of the problems that we face with climate change and global warming.

earth day 2013

Global Warming and Climate Change is not easily visible by people not living close to nature. Climate Change and Global warming effects and the visual effect of these are taking place over years, and I believe that most people adapt to these changes without realizing the impact of climate change.

Learn more about Earth Day 2013

If you would like to learn more about Earth Day 2013 I recommend that you visit the official Earth Day 2013

website. On the Earth Day 2013 website you can learn more about climate change and global warming and why we should protect our planet from ourselves.

Climate change can seem like a remote problem for our leaders, but the fact is that it's already impacting real people, animals, and beloved places. These Faces of Climate Change are multiplying every day. Fortunately, other Faces of Climate Change are multiplying too...

2013 earth day

You can add your support for Earth Day 2013, by adding your image to the earth day website, adding your face will help show your support for Earth Day 2013, if enough people add their faces to the Earth Day project, more governments and politicians may start to take the effort seriously of the Earth Day campaigns to save the world from ourselves!