Google Doodle Designer Job Offer


    Today Google is offering designers the opportunity of a life time. There is a position open at Google to become a Google Doodler. If you are interested in creating Google Doodles and have the world talking, analyzing and criticising your Google Doodles then you have to visit the Google Jobs site and check out their Google Doodler Job offering!

    Google Doodle Job

    This is super cool all designers take note! – Google have open positions for Google Doodlers!

    Here at 3D Car Shows we keep our eyes on the Google Homepage to be the first to spot the latest Google Doodle. We just love the doodles and the interesting information, character, history and events that they usually announce. Usually the Google Doodles celebrate someone who we should know but sometimes don’t and are then shocked to learn that we use their inventions everyday. With a busy work schedule we do not get to build our general knowledge outside our scope of expertise as often as we wish to. However the Google Doodles offers us the opportunity to do so on a weekly basis!

    What is it like to be a Doodler at Google?

    We found this video on the Google YouTube page when we searched for Doodle. In this short video from Google some of the Doodlers talk about designing Google Doodles. If you are interested in the Doodler Job at Google this will give you some idea of what a Doodler is!

    Job Description from the Google Jobs Page on the Doodle position at Mountain View, CA.

    The area: Product

    One of the many reasons Google consistently brings innovative, world-changing products to market is because of the collaborative work we do in Product Management. With eyes focused squarely on the future, our team works closely with creative and prolific engineers to help design and develop technologies that improve access to the world’s information. We’re responsible for guiding products throughout the execution cycle, focusing specifically on analyzing, positioning, packaging, promoting and tailoring our solutions to all the markets where Google does business.

    The Job Role: Doodler

    First impressions matter. Every day, hundreds of millions of online users visit the Google homepage. Yes, to search. But also, to be delighted, informed, and surprised (And maybe even to laugh a little). The Google Doodle makes this possible — it’s the change that is constant on As a Product Graphic Designer/Illustrator, more commonly known as a “Doodler,” you have the world’s best platform to showcase your stylistic skills — as well as your sense of humor, love of all things historical and imaginative artistry. From Jules Verne to Pac-Man, you have the reins to our brand and iconic logo and can run free with your innovative ideas. Go forth and doodle!

    Google Doodler Job Responsibilities:

    • Draw, design, and/or animate the highly visible Google homepage doodles.
    • Come up with consistently excellent creative ideas within the constraints of the our logo.
    • Manage complex collaborative projects from idea, to executive pitches, to final execution in a fast-paced environment.
    • Design illustrations both digitally and traditionally and in a wide range of artistic styles with great attention to detail.

    Minimum Qualifications to become a Google Doodler:

    • BFA. In lieu of degree, 4 years of relevant experience.

    Preferred Qualifications for the Google Doodler Job:

    • Freehand illustration skills and a wide range of artistic styles.
    • Ability to translate conceptual direction into amazing works of art.
    • Ability to work collaboratively and apply creative feedback in a team environment.
    • Comfort with digital and traditional media.
    • Knowledge of animation fundamentals.
    • Online portfolio/reel.

    To apply for the position you can visit the Google Jobs site.

     This is the ideal opportunity for a designer willing to move to Mountain View, California and work for the worlds biggest Search Engine. Today I feel somewhat envious of the persons who qualify for the Google Doodler Job. I wish I had the skills to apply for this position.

    To all candidates that do apply for the Google Doodler Job we here at 3D Car Shows wish you all the best!