Google Doodle Celebrates Carlos Juan Finlay’s 90th Birthday


Google Celebrates Carlos Juan Finlay’s 90th Birthday

 Earlier this morning when I visited the Google South Africa homepage I were surprised to see a Google Doodle for Carlos Juan Finlay on the Google South Africa homepage. I weren’t surprised because there was a google doodle, I sort of thought that it were time for Google to have another Google Doodle in South Africa, but rather because Google have chosen Carlos Juan Finlay to be on their homepage.

I have been a fan of Carlos Juan Finlay for ages, living in South Africa and being close to Malaria areas I remember my father telling me about Carlos Juan Finlay and the important scientific work he have done. My dad told me that when his grandfather was young he caught yellow fever and that the disease were really bad.

He then learned about Carlos Juan Finlay’s work and how he discovered that mosquitos were caring several diseases, and they were almost alone responsible for the spread of Yellow Fever and Malaria, and that Carlos Juan Finlay discovered this. He also told me that part of his work was to produce a system to control mosquito populations as a means to prevent the spreading of Yellow Fever and Malaria.

Carlos Juan Finlay

Here in South Africa, and Africa thousands of people die yearly because of Malaria and other diseases spread by mosquitos and I guess this is why he is a kind of hero in Africa! Today’s Google doodle celebrates the life and legacy of a true scientist and doctor whose work and researched have saved millions of people’s lives across the world!

Well done Google, we need to learn more about Game Changers and live savers like Carlos Juan Finlay!