Google Biggest Moments of 2012 – Zeitgeist 2012


Remember the biggest moments of 2012 – Zeitgeist 2012

Today Google have created a link on their homepage that should lead to the Biggest Moments of 2012 the Zeitgeist. I wanted to click on the link to go to the Google Section about the “Biggest Moments of 2012” but the page contained a error page and it was not working at the time.

Biggest Moments 2012

I suspect that the person responsible for the link on the Google Homepage got to excited about letting the world know about the “Biggest Moments of 2012” that he incorrectly added the link to a page that does not exists.

Hopefully when you find this page, Google have already corrected there mistake!

Google Biggest Moments 2012

Maybe someone at Google will click on the link soon and realize their mistake and fix it for us. In the meantime you can visit the Google Biggest Moments of 2012 – Zeitgeist 2012 by going to

Zeitgeist 2012


Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review by Google

According to the Google Zeitgeist 2012 there was 1.2 Trillion Searches done in more than 146 languages. Here is a video by Google about the Highlights, Most Searched and Best Moments of 2012.

Most Searched for Trends in 2012 in the World by Google

The Zeitgeist 2012 provides some interesting information about what the world searched for in 2012. The information in the Zeitgeist also provides an excellent overview of the most important events, people, sports, athletes, electronics and Trends that were the “Biggest Moments in 2012” and we highly recommend that you visit the Zeitgeist 2012 at

 for an overview of all the highlights of 2012.

Zeitgeist 2012