Google+ beyond #Whitespace


    Today April 11, 2012 Google+ launched their redesign of Google+. At first my Google+ Stream were buzzing about the new look and feel of Google+ with many people being upset about the changes feeling that they should have kept the original Google+ look.

    Google Whitespace

    About an hour after Google+ updated the Google+ Design people started talking about the Google+ Whitespace which seems to be upsetting several people in the Google+ community. I would not be surprised if the Google+ Whitespace issue becomes one of the “Hottest Topics” on the internet tonight.

    The Google+ Whitespace Problem

    It seems that people that are affected the worst by the Google+ Whitespace issue are those running their computer screens at very high resolutions. I suspect that Google+ Designers have designed the new Google+ Design to fit on a standard monitor screen without the whitespace bothering most of its users.

    It would however be interesting to know how Google+ Designers made the decision to design the interface for a certain screen size. Interesting to know if they have used Google Statistics to determine the most popular screen size based on data collected from Google or from Google+. In theory early adopters of Google+ are more advanced users and it may just be that there are plenty of people out there using a slighter higher resolution monitor than what they originally anticipated.

    Let’s Look beyond the Google+ Whitespace Problem

    What do you think about the new Google+ Design? I have seen many people complaining about the change and being unsure how to navigate the new Google+ and finding buttons out of place and complaining about the contrast of the posts etc.

    I however love the new Google+ Design. I believe it is going to take some time to discover exactly how major the new Google+ Upgrade is. Already I am discovering many “pioneering” features in Google+ comparing these to Facebook I think Google+ have just become the most advanced Social Media Interface, and although they may have messed up with the whitespace in Google+ they have done a thousand other things right!

    The Google+ Notice Button Impress

    I have quite a few people in my circles and most of the time I am viewing my main circle feed. Sometimes the feeds move so quickly that it is hard to keep up with the posts and to comment on the feeds or even run a discussion in Google+. Google seem to have fixed this with the Google+ Notice Button which now allows one to have a discussion within the Google+ Notice Application.

    Google Notifications

    Doing this they have solved a very important part of the Google+ Design. It is now possible to keep up with a conversation within the Notice Application without worrying that the top posts will push down the post that you are commenting on!

    For me it is clear that it is going to take some time to adapt to the new Google+ pages but once it settles in it is likely that we are going to discover why Google Dominates Search and why they will soon dominate Social. In my opinion the Google+ New Design is the most powerful Social Network design ever and it is just going to get better and better!

    Google+ Personal Pages and Google+ Business Pages feature image function updated

    This is one of the features I like most about the New Google+ Design. In the previous version of Google+ it were possible to insert single images into the Profile Image display. This were okay but many designers soon discovered that your profile looks better if you create multiple images that created one image on your Google+ Profile page. If you are not good at design it were difficult to create images like this that looks good. In the new Google+ you have a choice to add single images or one big image.

    Google+ Profile Image

    “Screenshot of the New Google+ Profile Images. This is similar to the old Google+ Design”

    Google+ profile Image Full

    “Screenshot of the New Design Google+ Feature image. In the new version you can upload one image or slice up your images.” – I just love this that we have the best of both worlds in the new Google+ Design.

    In this article we have just touched on some of the new features in the Google+ design. In my opinion we should not be worried about the “Google+ Whitespace” some people are experiencing now. The new layout of Google+ is a very powerful layout. In my opinion it is going to be the most advanced but simple to use social network layout yet and as time goes on we are going to be able to realize the full power behind this layout!

    Those complaining now will once again complain when Google makes future changes making Google+ better than the previous version! For some it would be a big learning curve to get used to the new interface, however I am sure once you get hold of it you are going to see just how big favor Google have done by designing the new layout!

    What do you hate or love about the new Google+ Design?

    Tell us in the comments section below what you love or hate most about the new Google+ Design.