Google Analytics: International Space Station – Control Room April Fool Joke


Google Analytics – International Space Station – Control Room

Google Analytics

When it comes to Good humor and April Fools Jokes it seems like Google takes the cake every year. This year Google have a special April fool’s joke for webmasters and marketers who frequently visit their Google Analytics pages. One of the best April Fools Jokes this year, aimed at Google Analytics users are the International Space Stations hits reported in Google Analytics.

Earlier today when I checked the 3D Car Shows hits inside Google Analytics I saw that there were several hits from what I thought was from an Island somewhere. I noticed that there were 41 visitors from the island and closed my analytics again, sometime later I opened it again and saw that there were still a significant amount of users clicking on my website from this island somewhere in the ocean.

I then hovered my mouse over the Island to see where these hits are coming from, only to see that these hits came from the International Space Station Control Room. Google had me for a moment and it is one of the only April Fool’s jokes that I have fallen for in a long time, it is only when I thought over it for a moment and when I realized at no given time there is 41 astronauts at the International Space Station at any moment that I realized that Google Analytics have caught me with their April Fool’s Joke!

International Space Station

If you have Google Analytics and want to see the Google Analytics April Fool’s joke in action visit your Google Analytics pages today, and you will see that you have also 41 visitors from the International Space Station Control Room!

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Who ever thought of the International Space Station April Fool’s Joke? Good on you! You have succeeded in catching us here at 3D Car Shows!