Goodyear Truck Tyres for Coca-Cola


BUBBLY PARTNERSHIP – Excellent Service will Maintain New Business


The Coca-Cola Fortune/SABCO (CCF) distribution fleet covers huge distances at a time, often over difficult terrain in remote and rugged areas, so that customers can ‘open happiness’ with a refreshing drink any time, any place, whether in the heart of Jo’burg or the stillness of the great Karoo. Thousands of wheels must be kept rolling – and that job belongs to Trentyre and Goodyear.

The exciting new account was recently clinched last year (2012), with an agreement that includes the complete tyre management of 26 CCF depots nationally.

“The agreement with Coca-Cola Fortune is that Trentyre will ensure the smooth running of its fleet and also assist in driving down the overall CPK (cost per kilometre),” explained Glen Duffield, Goodyear National Commercial Accounts Manager.

Glen said the successful collaboration between Goodyear and Trentyre had assisted in securing the CCF and other important accounts.

“The two organisations have always worked together, but the relationship was formalised as ‘the Goodyear/Trentyre proposition’ this year and has certainly helped to cement our commercial deals. There is huge strength in our footprint, our people, our products, our retread operations, all working together. It’s an impressive selling tool.”

Samantha Steffens, Country Procurement Manager, said CCF had “come a long way with Trentyre, since they started with servicing just a couple of areas in 2004. Last year we decided to nationalise the contract and, because of their record of excellent service and willingness to adapt to CCF’s way of doing business, it was awarded to Trentyre.

“This is not just about cost benefits to the company, but also about positive relationships. Our representatives feel reassured, for example, knowing that they have the benefit of Trentyre’s 24/7 Call Centre should they be stuck on a remote road.”

Fortune’s move has put the company in the financially effective, carefully structured hands of Goodyear’s ‘cost per kilometre’ plan. Although some of the company’s vehicles are still fitted with competitor tyres, they will all be rolling on Goodyear in the near future.

This is one huge, well oiled, incredibly hard working machine. The contract encompasses a fleet of more than 800 vehicles – 350 haulers plus 450 distribution and passenger cars. That’s more than 10 000 wheels in motion at any given time, and all are serviced by Trentyre crews.

Trentyre has technicians stationed on site at most of Fortune’s nationwide depots now. Full teams run at major CCF operations, such as at Polokwane, with technicians and other required staff members, tooling, equipment and machinery, all providing a steady, dependable tyre management service that ensures the Fortune wheels keep rolling.

“We are slowly standardising our tyre fitment to Goodyears, replacing them as the current tyres reach the end of their road lives. However, I like to test other tyre brands every now and then as well, just to make sure I’m still satisfied with the Goodyears’ performance,” said Anton Moodley, CCF Transport Unit Leader.

Trentyre branches around South Africa work closely with CCF depot managers, and communicate regularly with information critical to tyre management, such as scrap tyre analyses and on-road breakdown reports.

“Excellent service and great communication will ensure Trentyre’s longevity in maintaining this blue chip contract into the future,” Glen said.

Photo caption:

FORTUNE FAVOURS GOOD TYRE MANAGEMENT – Keeping the Coca-Cola Fortune fleet rolling are, from left, Glen Duffield (Goodyear National Commercial Accounts Manager), Anton Moodley (CCF Transport Unit Leader), Samantha Steffens (CCF Country Procurement Manager) and Scott Gibson (Goodyear National Retread Sales Manager).