GMSA Rally to Read


GMSA set to distribute 3 000 Kommunity Desks as part of 2013 Rally to Read


General Motors South Africa (GMSA) will be making a valuable contribution towards education in South Africa with the donation of 3 000 Kommunity Desks to needy schools during the Eastern Cape leg of the 2013 Rally to Read project.  This takes the total Kommunity desks handed over through the Company to over 14 000 by the end of 2013.

Rally to Read, which is organised by Bidvest, has been distributing essential educational material to rural schools for the past 12 years, and this year will be visiting Queenstown and Whittlesea in the Eastern Cape for the first time on 18 and 19 May to deliver portable libraries, teaching aids, science kits, sports equipment and education supplies.

“Over 3.2-million school children are affected by desk shortages in South Africa, so General Motors has partnered with the Kommunity Group which produces the simple yet effective Kommunity Desk in order to address this basic need amongst underprivileged learners,” says Michelle Wilson, Public Relations officer for General Motors South Africa.

GMSA Schools

“A GMSA management team and shop steward representatives will be joining Rally to Read this year to distribute 3 000 Kommunity Desks to the nominated rural schools in the Eastern Cape. The Kommunity Desks provides the children with an effective writing surface to use at school or home, thereby empowering them towards a better education and a brighter future.”

The partnership between General Motors SA and the Kommunity Group, which produces the Kommunity Desk locally, commenced in 2011 and have led to over 6000 Kommunity Desks being distributed in sponsored Isuzus to children around the country.

In 2013 GMSA and Isuzu, will be delivering a further 4 000 Kommunity Desks to schools in KwaZulu-Natal, plus the additional 3 000 desks that will be distributed in the Eastern Cape during Rally to Read.

This year General Motors will also be handing over 1 000 Kommunity Desks to schools in Kenya, thus taking the total to over 14 000 in just three years.