Gleaming highlights – chrome parts in the interior


The interior of the new A3 is a space characterized by sporty lines and serene elegance. In many areas, chrome-plated plastic parts provide sophisticated accents, from the trim on the light switch to the softkeys of the MMI navigation plus system. Similar to their approach to coordinating colors, experts at Audi Quality Assurance also painstakingly match all of the chrome elements in the light studio.

Audi A3 Chrome Interior

Chrome plating is an electroplating process consisting of 20 to 30 work steps; it is performed using similar methods by twelve specialist suppliers across the globe who deliver the parts for the new A3: The parts consist of ABS plastic, and they are molded in an injection molding tool that is polished to a high-gloss finish in order to produce perfect surfaces even in the raw part. In several electroplating steps, these raw parts are finished with the actual metallic surface. To avoid cracks and stresses, chrome is not the only material used here; a layer of a different material such as copper is applied as well.

To assure uniform color impression and gloss levels, Audi defined original reference samples many years ago. A duplicate of this reference is provided to each supplier, so that it can independently verify and assure its product quality.

The equipment, data, and prices specified refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.

The New Audi A3