Giving cars and pickups new life


Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet owners now have a quick and easy alternative when it comes to replacing the heart of their vehicles. By selecting a GM remanufactured engine, gearbox or differential, they can put new life into their cars and pickups – with a full factory warranty as a bonus.

Remanufactured Opel and Isuzu engines are guaranteed for 18 months, while the warranty on remanufactured gearboxes and differentials – also available for Chevrolets – is 12 months – both with unlimited kilometre cover.

These GM remanufactured drive train products are meticulously machined to original equipment specifications or only approved components are used in their assembly. Each remanufactured GM engine, gearbox and differential is backed by the full after-sales support of General Motors South Africa and diesel engines come with a certificate of power output.

Izak Brink, Parts & Accessories Sales and Marketing Manager at General Motors in South Africa, says all customers – particularly fleet owners, farmers and contractors – gain from this option when a drive train component needs to be replaced.

“They enjoy all the benefits of a brand new Opel or Isuzu engine, gearbox and differential, but at a substantial saving. It is a quick and easy alternative with a minimum of vehicle downtime – especially important to those customers who depend on a reliable vehicle for a livelihood.

If a particular remanufactured product is not in stock, it is usually delivered anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

“In fact, a GM remanufactured engine, gearbox and differential is to the advantage of all our Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet owners. It is simply a matter of exchanging an existing power plant or drive train component for a readily available unit without the hassles of reconditioning a serviceable piece of equipment.

“We ensure that each exchange engine, gearbox and differential complies fully with the stringent engineering standards stipulated by General Motors world wide. The remanufacturing operations have ISO9001 certification for quality of workmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and the expertise that comes after more than 40 years in this business,” says Izak.

Remanufactured exchange engines in the Opel range consist of 1,3-litre, 1,4-litre, 1,6-litre, 1,8-litre and 2,0-litre petrol derivatives.

Currently, remanufactured exchange engines are available for 2,5-litre, 2,8-litre and 3,0-litre Isuzu diesel models, as well as the 1,7-litre Isuzu diesel motor used in the Corsa Utility pickup. The Isuzu range also includes 1,6-litre, 2,0-litre, 2,2-litre, 2,3-litre and 2,6-litre petrol variants.

GM remanufactured gearboxes and differentials cover the entire Opel, Isuzu and Chevrolet range, including gearboxes for trucks.

On arrival at the remanufacturing facility, an exchange component is stripped completely and all parts are thoroughly cleaned. Some critical engine parts will always be discarded and replaced with brand new ones, such as the pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, conrod bolts, oil seals and valve guides.

All the remaining original components are then checked, and if they don’t meet original equipment (OE) specifications, these are scrapped and replaced. The others are machined to meet GM tolerances. Assembly takes place in a dust-free area where each engine, gearbox and differential is individually put together by highly skilled craftsmen who take pride in top class workmanship.

Component quality audits are conducted throughout the remanufacturing process and complete engines are tested to ensure they are in excellent running order before being shipped for installation at a GM dealership.