Giniel de Villiers South Africa Dakar Rally 2012


Giniel De VilliersGiniel stayed among the pace setters at the 2012 Dakar Rally with another solid ride. So solid in fact that he ended the day in the top three…

It was another tough stage today and I really enjoyed us having some challenges to dig our teeth into. The only thing that got on top of us was the fan inside the car cutting out and steaming up the windows.

It was a quick job to get the windscreen cleaned up and it didn’t cost us much time in the end. It was just a matter of Dirk and myself loosening our seatbelts and giving it a wipe with a bit of paper.

It’s a good sign that the car is in top shape if it could stand up to today’s stage with just a minor hiccup. The heat was well over 40°C and we were racing for just under two and a half hours. Even though we climbed and climbed the Andes the temperature did not drop at all.

Bringing this new Toyota Hilux 2012 to the Dakar is keeping us busy in the evenings because there’s so much information to report to the team and go over. We are learning new things about our machine every day – the sort of ground where we can push and other spots where it’s best to hold off. But this thing is not all about getting educated, we’re also out there to race and that’s something I never forget.

I have enough experience at this thing to know there’s still plenty of ground to cover. But we’ve made a good start – and I’d much rather have a good start than a bad one.

Giniel and his co-pilot Dirk crept up the standings on day three of 2012 Dakar Rally and now sit in third place, 1m 40s behind race leader Krzysztof Holowczyc.