Ghana Independence Day


On March 6, 2014 Google reminded Ghana Google Search Engine visitors about “Ghana’s Independence Day” which are celebrated on March 6th. Ghana were the first African Country to declare their independence from European Colonization in 1957.


Ghana or officially the “Republic of Ghana” is a sovereign state on the Gulf of Guinea bordering the Atlantic Ocean in West Africa.

Something that I did not know about Ghana is that if Ghana is translated into English Ghana means “Warrior King”.

Ghana is one of the countries in Africa with some of the riches Gold and Diamond deposits and in recent years have established good economic growth.

The official language in Ghana is English and the population of Ghana is estimated at 24 million people. For a really interesting read about Ghana we encourage you to visit the Wikipedia page which is packed with information about Ghana

The only problem that I have with today’s Google Doodle if I can call it a problem is the fact that the Ghana Independence Day Google Doodle is not an international Google Doodle. Today by visiting the Ghana search engine and seeing the Ghana Independence Day Google Doodle I learned a lot about the Country I did not know before and it would have been great if the world could have seen the Ghana Independence Day doodle leading them to learn more about the country!

From us here at 3d Car Show if you are from Ghana and celebrating the Ghana Independence Day we would like to wish you and your country the best!