Get the latest Football Score using Google Game Day


    We were wondering what Google will do for the Super Bowl 2012. The Super Bowl 2012 will kickoff later today Sunday February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, India. If for some reason you cannot follow the game live on NBC or on the Internet you can now access the scores live using the Google Game Day Football Score feature.

    Simply go to the Google Game Day pages and look for the Football Score Search Block. Click on the Football Score search button and you will be taken to a Google Search Engine Page where you can instantly view the latest “Football Score”.

    Football Score on Android, Iphone, Ipad, Computer and Smart Phones

    You do not need to download any applications to stay up to date with the latest Football Score, anytime during the 2012 Super Bowl you can access the Google Game Day pages and use the Football Score search box to get the latest football score. If you cannot access the Google Game Day page via your Smart Phone you can simply search in Google for “

    Football Score

    ” to find the latest Super Bowl 2012 Football Score.

    Football Score

    “Screenshot of the Google Game Day Football Score Search Feature”

    Google Game Day

    For more information about the Super Bowl 2012 we recommend that you visit the Google Game Day pages. The Google game page was human created to provide information and tips to find information about the 2012 Super Bowl.