Germany Auto Show – Nissan e-NV200

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  • Innovative e4Business programme will help companies maximise their potential
  • and give them the chance to win a new Nissan e-NV200


HANNOVER, Germany (23rd September 2014) – Nissan is helping Europe’s small and medium enterprises (SME) to make more of a marketing impact to grow their businesses.

The automotive giant has developed – and is funding – a unique marketing platform that will allow companies to take care of their day-to-day business leaving Nissan to spearhead the marketing effort on their behalf.

Aimed at forward-thinking companies, e4Business will allow SMEs and start-ups to pitch their business or business idea to Nissan, who will then create a web page on their behalf and help to promote the business locally.

At the same time, a jury of Nissan experts will analyse all the submitted proposals looking for the best business proposition, with an incredible prize on offer for the winning entry.

In France, where the initial e4Business pilot scheme is being run, the winner will win a brand new e-NV200 for their business, plus a comprehensive – and free – promotional campaign, using the same marketing expertise that has made Nissan a global success.

From September to October, professionals in France will present their project on the e4Business platforms. From November through December, applicants will have the opportunity to share their content with a wider audience including the Nissan competition jury board. Finally, the winner will be chosen in January and their project will be given the full promotional opportunities on offer through the e4business programme.

Pilot schemes of the e4business programme are also being run in Germany, details of the mechanics will be shared at a local level closer to the time of activation.

e4Business has been developed to accompany the arrival of the zero-emission all-electric e-NV200 van, a light commercial vehicle that, thanks to its low running costs and positive impact on air quality, is set to become the van of choice for progressive companies.


The programme will give SMEs greater visibility by developing a unique web page for each company and by sharing content over social media – Nissan research has shown that many smaller businesses don’t advertise, either because they don’t have the necessary expertise or the entrepreneurs behind the company don’t have the time to consider promotion as they are building up their company.

Both e4Business and e-NV200 will help them to keep their costs as low as possible. Thanks to much lower maintenance charges and dramatically reduced fuel bills, e-NV200 will make a major contribution to a company’s bottom line while, via e4Business, Nissan will be picking up the marketing and promotional costs.

The e4Business campaign is a long-term platform which will grow exponentially as more and more companies come to realise the contribution that e-NV200 can make to their business model. It will also offer practical help, giving SMEs access to help and advice from e-NV200 ambassadors, carefully chosen local business owners willing to share the secrets of their success.

“In building their business, many entrepreneurs have neither the time nor the expertise to market themselves properly. By buying an e-NV200, however, we know they are forward thinking individuals, and therefore are people who would appreciate and benefit from our marketing knowledge,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Director of Electric Vehicles Europe.


“By having a dedicated web page promoting their company – as well as offering advice on how to maximise their presence on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter – Nissan’s e4Business programme will help entrepreneurs to grow their business to new heights.” added Diernaz.


As well as producing no tail-pipe pollution at all – and thus having a hugely positive effect on city centre CO2 levels – e-NV200’s electric motor produces no noise while its smooth, single-speed drivetrain means a less stressed, more relaxed and therefore safer driver.

Low running costs will make a major contribution to a company’s finances, while its 4.2m3 best-in-class cargo volume and the sheer practicality of its roomy load area – it’s capable of carrying two standard Euro pallets – will be a boon to businesses large and small.

“There can be no doubt that e-NV200 is ready to make a major impact on city centre air quality and will prove to be a hugely effective business tool… something that will be enhanced even further by the innovative and far-reaching e4Business concept,” said Name, title.

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