George Ferris Valentine’s Day 2013


George Ferris – Johannesburg, South Africa

Today if you visit the Google Search engine homepage you may be surprised to see a Theme Park on the Google Homepage instead of something more valentine’s day besides the heart in the middle of the logo. It is however interesting to know how the Theme Park (George Ferris) was chosen to be featured as a Google Doodle.

George Ferris

“I have taken this image at the Rand Easter Show in Johannesburg South Africa, as you can see the Ferriswheel is Internationally known as the Ferriswheel” Invented by George Ferris


Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day only with a Valentine’s Day Google Doodle, Google have opted to also celebrate George Ferris Birthday today. 

George Ferris

 was the original inventor of the Ferris Wheel, therefore the Theme Park in the Logo. If you click on the blue spyglass on the top of the doodle, you can read all about George Ferris and his invention instead of linking to the traditional valentine’s day search results.

Who was George Ferris

Mostly know for his Ferris Wheel invention he was also a Civil Engineer. He was born in Galesburg, Illinois, USA on Valentine’s Day 154 years ago on February 14, 1859 and passed away just before his 38th Birthday in November 22, 1896 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The FerrisWheel and Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

“Image of a young couple enjoying a Romantic Moment on the FerrisWheel” Photographer Gerald Ferreira

Althoug a Theme Park may not be on the top of your list for Valentine’s Day it is a place where many young adults have found their loved one’s or even taken their love one’s too. The Ferris Wheel have been long known for his Romantic Views over the Theme Park and many lovers have found their way to the FerrisWheel getting away from the buzz and enjoying the Romantic Scenery that the FerrisWheel usually provide.

So if you were wondering what George Ferris had in common with valentine’s day you will realize that it is not only his birthday but also the romantic memories the FerrisWheel have for some people.

The George Ferris Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

George Ferris

The Google Doodle of 14 February 2013, Valentine’s Day have a background picture of a theme park. The Google Doodle have been created into a Valentine’s Day Google Game, allowing you to click on the heart in the center of the doodle for some interactivity. I myself haven’t quite figures out all the matches made within the George Ferris Valentine’s Google Doodle, but it looks like it is images from love stories.

If you know what the meaning is behind the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle please share it with us in the comments section below.

To everyone celebrating Valentine’s Day we wish you a happy love filled Valentine’s Day.