Geneva Motor Show Car Show Girls 2014


    The Geneva Motor Show takes place in March every year in Geneva Switzerland. The Show attracts thousands of people and media across the globe show immense interest in the show. The Car Show is one of the Premiere Automotive Industry events and Automotive Manufacturers usually use the platform to premiere the best of the best cars at the show.


    One of the Hottest Cars on display, displayed by one of the hottest Car Show Girls at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. You have to be naïve to think that women does not help to make cars more beautiful!


    Traditionally Automotive Manufacturers have used Women and Sexy Girls to sell cars. Women may get upset by this as it is somewhat sexist but it works, and men love cars and sexy women. This page is dedicated to some of the beautiful women that assisted the Automotive Manufacturers in displaying their cars.

    Geneva Car Show Girls 2014


    The Italian Car Maker Giugiaro using a stunning looking model to display their cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2014. The girls is not only stunning looking but uses the opportunity to display the Giugiaro Car on display which she was hired to do! If we had prizes for the most beautiful Car Show Girls, she would have been in the top 10!


    One of the Ferrari Models on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2014


    Another stunning looking Car Show Girl at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.


    It is well-known that Italian Sport Cars are some of the most beautiful cars in the world. One of Italy’s best kept secret maybe the fact that their women is just as beautiful as their cars as proven by this Italian Beauty at the Geneva Motor Show 2014.


    Another stunning Car Show Girl wearing the Yokohoma Tyres Colors…


    A sexy German Beauty displaying one of the cars at the Geneva Motor Show.


    From the looks of the Geneva Motor Show white is the Fashion this year.


    There is something about European Cars that makes them special.


    The Geneva Motor Show offers ladies the opportunity to view some stunning cars, and to get updated with the latest Fashion trends.




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