General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure – Day 3 – 22 March


Into Botswana!

4x4 Adventure

The General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure crossed over into Botswana on day three. The formalities at the Grobler’s Bridge / Martin’s Drift border post were despatched without hassle, and then the convoy headed for Francistown.

A high level of alertness was required from all the drivers, as some sections of the road, including the national A1, represent a rapidly deteriorating patchwork of tar with lots of potholes to catch out the unwary – but the General Grabber ATs and MTs took the rough sections and the high-speed stints in their stride.

Engen Wimpy

After a brief stop in bustling Francistown, it was onto the A3 and then the A33 through Nata. We ultimately arrived at Elephant Sands, which provided the first taste of a real African bush adventure, at around 16:30 having covered just over 500 km for the day. Although the camp has great facilities, the setting is genuine “out of Africa” – and provided a fantastic introduction to Botswana.

General Tyres 4x4

But the only thing the kids had been looking forward to was spending every second of the picture-perfect evening in the pool, which provided welcome respite from the average 35 deg C mid-day temperature.