General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure – Day 13 – 1 April 2013


BREAKING NEWS! Heaving rains experienced north of Lake Malawi have resulted in the General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure being stranded indefinitely! According to the local newspapers, government spokesman Innocence Ikant Bealya has confirmed that Lake Malawi has risen over 1,5 m in the past 24 hours, resulting in the roads between Senga Bay and Blantyre being completely washed away.

1 April 2013

As a result, traffic is being diverted back towards the Mchinji border post in Zambia, but this route is already heavily congested, with a backlog of trucks and cars stretching back over 150 km.

Adventure Junkies leader Wimpie Smit and Russel Stewart, Continental Tyre SA’s marketing manager, stated that there are no other options, other than waiting for the floods to subside and then to reassess the convoy’s options. This could take anywhere between seven and 10 days, and the crews and families will simply have to wait it out.

4x4 Adventure General Tyres

“We tried several routes out but the team we sent to recce the roads nearly drowned their vehicles and got heavily stuck,” Stewart said. “We’re simply not willing to take that chance with 10 vehicles and several families in the convoy, so for now we’re staying put at Senga Bay.”

Lake Malawi

More updates to follow, as when the erratic and unpredictable telecommunications and power supply allow …