General Tyre 4×4 African Adventure – Day 12 – 31 March 2013


Lake Malawi is a stunning body of water and simply breath-taking holiday location, and everyone got to enjoy time-out on the 12th day of the African Adventure.

Fish Eagle

Although the wind started blowing heavily during the night, it fortunately subsided by mid-day, allowing the adults and kids alike to enjoy all the pleasures of tropical Senga Bay – from the pristine beach and waves to the sparkling pool of the adjacent Livingstonia Hotel, which harks back to a bygone Colonial era.

We also said farewell to Gishma Johnson, Conti SA’s Corporate Communications Manager, and Jess Fogarty from SA 4×4 magazine, who flew out of Lilongwe. Carri Kelly from SACarFan jetted in to take their place, and will be with us for the remaining week on the 2013 African Adventure.

Malawi 4x4 Adventure

It was a superb day on Lake Malawi today, as everyone revelled in the fantastic pool, soaked up the sun on the beach and had lots of fun in the waves.

Boat on Lake Malawi

The main highlight, however, was a boat ride to the nearby Bird Island. There everyone got to do some great snorkelling in the calm waters of a small rocky bay. On the return trip, our guides, Harrison and MacPherson, took us around the back of the island where the fish eagles nest.

Lake Malawi

MacPherson did a piercing fish eagle cry, and then tossed a fish into the lake from the front of the boat. In an instant one of the majestic birds shot off its perch and glided gracefully down to the water, using its razor-sharp talons to snatch its prey from the water with pin-perfect precision – with another fish eagle circling above in anticipation.

African Adventure

Another night camping at Senga Bay, and then we head off further south tomorrow.

Malawi Tourism