General Motors Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Vehicle lineup raises eyebrows at Chicago Auto Show


General Motors, committed to developing the industry’s widest range of gas-friendly to gas-free vehicles, showcased several gas-saving commercial vehicles at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

GM’s Fleet and Commercial Operations (FCO) displayed vehicles featuring outstanding fuel economy, E85 ethanol and biodiesel capability, and gas-electric hybrid vehicles designed to help GM customers go green without going broke.

“More and more of our business and commercial customers are concerned about the environmental impact of their vehicle fleets and how that influences the reputation of their company,” said John Gaydash, GM FCO marketing director. “They want to increase fuel efficiency, lower their dependence on petroleum and help reduce vehicle emissions. Our broad lineup of cars and trucks provides customers with the right vehicles to meet their environmental needs while still making sure the job gets done. “

Some of the vehicles on show included the Chevrolet HHR Panel, the Chevrolet Express 3500 Cargo Van, the Chevrolet Silverado range and the 2009 Silverado Hybrid.

Whilst these vehicles are unlikely to be made available to the South African market in the near future, General Motors’ commitment to a sustainable environment is clear and the local market will eventually mirror global trends.