General Motors Car Sales top charts in Zimbabwe

  • GM sales top charts in Zimbabwe
  • GM brands grow in Zimbabwe despite declining market
  • 2014 market share up 23%
  • Isuzu sales increase by more than 60%


19 JANUARY 2015 – General Motors (GM) sales in Zimbabwe hit a new level of success in 2014 as the company took the number one spot in the local market at the end of the year. Following strong sales efforts by GM’s authorised dealer in the country – Autoworld, with branches in Harare and Bulawayo – which had already secured the highest market share by the third quarter, eventual figures saw overall GM market share rise to 19.8% for 2014.

“This outstanding performance represents a 23% increase over 2013, with the Isuzu brand leading the GM sales with an 11.4% share of the market. Isuzu sales were up by 60.4% compared to 2013 – a remarkable performance,” comments General Motors South Africa’s Vice President of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, Brian Olson.

The Chevrolet portfolio saw the Trailblazer leading the medium SUV segment with a 31% share, with the Cruze also assisting in placing Chevrolet at the front of the passenger car segment.

“What adds even more to the excitement is that we experienced this phenomenal growth in a market which declined by 12.2% year-on-year.”

Dealer Principal of Autoworld Bulawayo, Mike Blatch, elaborates: “Despite the harsh economic conditions prevailing in the country in 2014, we worked hard to minimise the effects of the decline by capitalising on all available opportunities – creating our own where none existed. We maintain a positive attitude and seek to constantly raise the bar, developing an attitude of continuous improvement amongst our staff.”

Alison de Klerk, Dealer Principal of Autoworld Harare, also cites a well-priced mix of Chevrolet and Isuzu vehicles, a strong marketing presence and heightened engagement with the public as key contributing factors to the growth last year.