Road safety charity and the UK’s number one for breakdown cover*, GEM Motoring Assist, is once again at hand to offer motorists all important winter driving advice as temperatures drop and conditions worsen across the country.

    With the first reports of snowfall it is more important than ever for road users to prepare for the worst, and GEM is continuing to offer practical advice through its FREE winter driving leaflet. Packed full of advice and checklists, the leaflet is a useful resource for all motorists and aims to help prevent drivers from being a victim of a serious accident or hazardous breakdown situation over the winter period.

    GEM launches winter road safety campaign

    Expanding its winter road safety campaign this year, GEM has also created a winter driving video inspired by the recent success of its Blue Light Aware video which has had over 40,000 hits. Featuring visual scenes on winter driving, the four minute video highlights how dramatically driving dynamics change as the conditions worsen.  The video demonstrates how much more time and space should be allowed when driving in wintry conditions as stopping distances increase tenfold and the slightest over steering or braking can cause complete loss of control.

    GEM Chief Executive, David Williams MBE, comments: “It’s been a strange year weather wise with heat waves and milder weather when we’d normally expect to see colder conditions. This has made it more difficult to predict when the wintry weather will really set in but with the recent fog and snowfall we are urging drivers to take the necessary precautions when out on the road in poor weather”.

    GEM’s top ten winter driving tips:

    1.  Plan your journey – is it necessary?
    2. Keep winter driving safety essentials in the car including cold weather clothing
    3. Ensure the radiator contains anti-freeze
    4. Before driving, make sure all windows and mirrors are clear of snow and ice
    5. Always wear a fluorescent/ high visibility jacket in breakdown situations
    6. Use dipped headlights in poor visibility
    7. Reduce speed compared to ‘normal’ driving conditions
    8. Keep a safe stopping distance behind the vehicle in front
    9. Avoid harsh braking, acceleration and steering
    10. Keep a careful watch out for other road users especially motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians

    David continues, “Making the necessary checks and being properly prepared can make all the difference between a safe journey and one that ends in disaster.  Not only does snow reduce tyre grip and traction, but it hides icy surfaces underneath, not to mention the problems that decreased visibility can cause. We hope our leaflet and new video continue to help motorists and have a positive impact on road safety this winter season.”

    For a free downloadable winter driving leaflet CLICK HERE FOR PDF or download from To view the video CLICK HERE or watch at