Geely Emgrand EC7


The new Emgrand EC7: designed to be a world car

  • Designed to be a world model
  • Outstanding technology and  performance
  • High-end active and passive safety features

Geely Emgrand EC7

Chinese standards surpassed

From the word go, the new Geely Emgrand EC7 has been designed to be a world model. Outstanding technology and performance to surpass Chinese standards were part and parcel of the new project, with massive domestic and international sales success proof of the fact that Geely’s new vision – quality and value for money – is paying off.

Launching at only R149 990 for the Emgrand EC7 GL Luxury (R164 990 for the GT Executive) the new model boasts a host of comfort, luxury and safety features.

Active and passive safety features include ABS with EBD, driver and front passenger airbags, side impact beams in all four the doors, pre-tensioners with force limiters for the front seatbelts, three-point seat belts for each of the seats front and rear, an intelligent reversing sensor, built-in mini fire extinguisher compliments of Chinese law, and a host of other less visible features.

The new EC7 is fitted with a powerful (102kW; 172Nm) 4-cylinder DOHC engine capable of accelleration up to 185 km/h. But even at speeds of a more modest 120km/h, any car needs outstanding brakes to bring it to a halt.

Geely Emgrand EC7 China

The Bosch 8.1 four-wheel disc brake system with ABS and EBD offers faster and more sensitive reaction to pedal inserts, ensuring that driving safety is not compromised. Safety is increased by a braking distance of only 40m from 100km/h to standstill. This is in the event of drivers ignoring the preset automatic speeding alarm. This electronic speed control monitors driving speed in real time and warns the driver when the set speed is reached.

Intelligent reversing sensors turn difficult parking manoeuvres into child’s play with an audible alarm with increasing intensity guiding the driver from a distance of 1,3m up to 30mm from an obstacle. This is a standard feature on both launch models.

Something more visible for other road users is the high-mounted third brake light at the bottom of the rear windscreen, composed of no less than 15 bright LEDs to ensure maximum visual effect as an early warning to other drivers.

The car also has a one-touch locking and unlocking system via a button on the driver’s arm rest. The doors may be double-locked when the button is pressed twice. Both rear doors have tamperproof child safety locks to ensure the little ones do not open any of the back doors by accident.

And speaking of accidents – the new EC7 was the first sedan to achieve five stars in the Chinese NCAP collision test, which was followed by a near perfect four out of five stars in the stringent European NCAP test program with far higher standards. These include a pedestrian protection design, where the EC7 has achieved a full score, conforming to all new international safety standards.

The new car boasts a dual airbag design. The new EC7 is equipped with dual front airbags which provide all-round protection for the front seat occupants, while side airbags are added to the GT Executive. This is coupled to front pre-tension safety belts.

In the unforeseen event of an accident, the pre-tension device tightens the seatbelt to firmly and safely restrain the occupants. In the event of the force exceeding a predetermined limit, a force-limiting device will loosen the belt to prevent injury to the chest area.

Three-point inertia seat belts are used in each of the rear seats, including the middle seat. Both EC7 models also have a seat belt warning indicator to remind the driver of any seatbelts not fastened.

Crumple zones are part of the hidden passive safety features of any modern car, and the EC7 is no exception. On this level the design of the car starts with an energy absorbing and collapsing steering column, which pulls away from the driver’s chest.

These join the Y-shaped side impact plates in all the doors as well as the crumple zone area between the luggage compartment and the back seat. This area also houses the fuel tank, which boasts a six-layer macromolecular blast-proof material ensuring the container remains leak-proof.

Other safety and security design features include a steering wheel lock, immobiliser and built-in mini fire extinguisher.

The two launch models feature all of these with the only safety difference the side airbags found in the GT Executive version, which also boasts Traction Control.