Garth Roberts

Competing at the Australasian Safari has been a long time dream and been in the making for the past 3 years. However the idea to race in Pink for Cancer came to me believe it or not, while watching a super rugby game played in New Zealand with the refs wearing pink, and I’ve always wanted to race in pink like back in the 80’s and 90’s when I raced and real men wore pink.

Wearing pink was a small part of the idea, the real idea evolved around our sport that doesn’t do much on a world stage for charities like Cancer, it’s always about growing the sport or

ourselves. Wearing pink and letting people in our sport know that so much can be done for Cancer with very little effort, especially like a race as the Australasian Safari Rallye that is

followed by thousands of people worldwide. This is why I am racing for Cancer representing CancerVive at the Safari Rallye and dedicating this ride to Shaun Gunther and ex Multiple National champion S.A. Pro Quad rider, who was diagnosed with Sernovial Sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of Cancer, Shaun only has 12 months to live, BUT, he is not giving up and is in a race for his life and this is my way of showing support to him!

Just about everyone reading this will have been touched by cancer in some way, either personally or immediate family or close friends. Cancer has such a large footprint in our lives that is truly scary, hence why I decided to do something for others that is greater than our sport or myself, and our sport being such an amazing medium to reach so many people locally and on a international level by partnering with Cancervive South Africa, FIM Africa, MSA & Australasian Safari Rallye organisation to make this initiative a success.

Motorcycling for cancer

The initiative will be headed by Frieda Henning of Cancervive SA, with phenomenal passion and resources run by people who themselves are survivors. A well established Cancer NGO that already has an annual 7 day motorcycle Cancer ride from Johannesburg to Cape Town supported by Triumph to raise funds for cancer and educate people along the way about cancer. Frieda also got the Breast Cancer Network Australia on Board and they will be manning a stand on behalf of Cancer.vive and BCNA at the Rallye. So the Rallye idea was a great fit to develop this partnership with myself and CancerVive as an ambassador, collaborating and partnering with corporate / individuals to sponsor kilometres that I will completing at the Safari that will go towards Cancer, as well as raising awareness by wearing pink!

Anybody interested to make a donation to the cause can go to and click on DONATE. Then choose the “Think Pink” icon and make your contribution. Every small bit helps to spread the message of the importance of early detection, which is key to survival!!!

The initiative was launched at the Botswana Desert Race 20 June 2013 where I raced in pink race kit and also creating awareness with the partnership of Cancervive and FIM Africa who already has a cancer initiative running that was also showcased at the annual AMID Motorshow in Johannesburg. There will many other partnerships, ideas that will contribute to the overall initiative and create awareness for cancer, by utilising the medium of our sport that is loved and followed by so many people worldwide! You can form part of this much needed cause or be a sponsor or just support the project in your own way, for more visit or or contact myself or Frieda Henning directly Frieda Henning

or Garth Roberts