Games: London 2012 Hurdles


    Today many people are going to be pleasantly surprised when they see the latest Google Doodle. Google have created one of the best Olympic Google Doodles ever. The London 2012 Hurdles doodle is in fact an interactive game that you can play. Allowing people to interact with the Google Doodle and to try and beat the Olympic record for the sport. London 2012 hurdles

    London 2012 Hurdles Olympic and world records

    If you want to beat the London 2012 Hurdles game and get a new Olympic Record you will have to get your athlete to run the 100 meters event at 12.37 seconds or faster. This record belongs to the United States of America athlete Hayes Joanna for the 100 meters women’s event. If you are running and male, you will need to get at least 12.91 seconds or faster. This record belongs to Liu Xiang of China.

    The Men’s world record for the sport is 12.87 and belongs to Cuba athlete Robles Dayron and the Woman World Record of 12.21 seconds to Donkova Yordanka from Bulgaria.

    The women’s 100 meters London 2012 Hurdles game already started on the 6th of August 2012 and finals will be on the 7th of August 2012. The men’s event is taking place from the 7th of August, 2012 to the 8th of August 2012. In the men’s event there are six groups of athletes, from these groups the fastest athletes will qualify for the London 2012 Hurdles finals.

    How to play the London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle Game

    It is easy to play the London 2012 hurdles game; you only need your right and left keyboard buttons, and use the spacebar to jump over the hurdles. The left and right arrows determine the speed at which your athlete is running. Quickly pressing left, right, left right will let your athlete run faster. Pick your jumps carefully to avoid jumping on the hurdles. To achieve the best times in the game you will need to run quickly and avoid all the hurdles.

    The London 2012 Hurdles game race ends when you cross the finishing line. Once you have finished the London 2012 Hurdles game a screen will pop-up which allow you to share the Google Doodle with your friends. The London 2012 Hurdles game makes use of Google+ social network. If you are not yet on the Google+ network we highly recommend that you register your account. Features like the London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle is going to get much more integrated into Google and you will want to use these if you want to stay on top of technology!

    London 2012 Hurdles wins Gold

    If there were a competition for the best 2012 Google Doodle my money would be on the London 2012 Hurdles Google doodle to win Gold. The London 2012 Hurdles game is plain and simple but 100% relevant to the sport Google are promoting today. Yesterday when Google featured the London 2012 Javelin Google Doodle I were pleasantly surprised by the quality and detail of the doodle, yet the London 2012 Hurdles game is 100 times better!

    Best Scores for London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle Game

    If you played the game, please comment and post your best scores on this page, it would be interesting to know the best score for the game.