Johannesburg, 15 July 2010 – The new Figo arrives in South Africa with two proven fuel efficient powertrains. A 1.4ℓ Petrol engine and a 1.4ℓ Turbo Diesel engine will be offered to meet the driving requirements of South African motorists.

Developed from the proven Ford 4-cylinder SIGMA engine family, the 1.4ℓ engine features an optimized bore and cylinder head design along with a revised compression ratio of 9.75 that is designed to run on 93 and 95 RON fuel in South Africa.  The 1.4ℓ delivers 62kW @ 6000rpm and maximum torque of 127Nm @ 4000rpm. The 1.4 also meets the latest Euro 2 emission standards.

To help keep total vehicle mass in check, the engine block and cylinder head are constructed of aluminium.  Lightweight cast aluminium pistons help reduce mass and reciprocating losses. The 1.4ℓ has a bore of 76mm with a stroke of 76.5mm.

The 16-valve, dual overhead camshaft cylinder head is also constructed of aluminium and is unique to the 1.4ℓ engine.  Additionally, specific intake and exhaust camshafts were developed for the engine.  The dual overhead camshafts include hydraulic self adjustable tappets that help provide minimal friction and reduced powertrain noise while delivering optimized power.

A specifically-tuned exhaust manifold that directs spent gases into a quick light off catalytic converter is utilized.  The converter has been placed as close as possible to the exhaust manifold to heat up quicker and allow the engine to reach the optimum operating temperature faster.  An added benefit of this arrangement is the engine catalyst heats up faster to reduce cold start emissions.

Air induction is handled through a thermoplastic intake manifold with identical length runners that provide optimal fuel distribution.  Sequential fuel induction is used and coupled with drive-by-wire electronic throttle technology providing improved low end efficiency and smooth acceleration characteristics.

The 1.4ℓ engine also includes Ford’s innovative auxiliary drive belt system that helps reduce complexity by eliminating the need for tension adjustment devices and improves powertrain noise, vibration and harshness.

Advanced Common-Rail Turbo Diesel Engine Technology
The new Figo is also available with a 1.4ℓ turbo diesel engine in South Africa. While both engines feature all-aluminium construction, the similarity ends there.  With more and more drivers looking for superior fuel economy without sacrificing power, the 1.4ℓ Duratorq TDCi delivers both.  Maximum power is available at 51kW @ 4000rpm, torque is equally impressive with 160 Nm at 2000 rpm.

The engine meets Euro 4 emissions standards and its turbocharged common rail direct injection technology is designed to provide superior fuel efficiency.

In order to account for the higher compression ratios required for the diesel, block construction is unique and extra gusseting for increased strength has been incorporated into the diesel block.  Bore is 73mm and stroke is 82mm.  Cast aluminium pistons with a compression ratio of 18:1 are used.

Fuel delivery for the Duratorq engine is through a common rail system that offers improved fuel economy, improved torque output, reduced emissions and also contributes to reduced NVH levels commonly associated with diesel engines.

The cylinder head for the diesel is a single overhead camshaft design with two valves per cylinder. Valves are actuated by a nylon timing gear with rubber belt that provides outstanding durability for the life of the vehicle. With special attention to mass, the Duratorq engine tips the scales at just 98 kilograms. Contributing to the low friction characteristics of the engine, roller cam followers are used. For reduced maintenance costs, the assembly is driven by a longer life, special compound rubber belt.  In addition to the camshaft, the toothed belt also drives the water pump and fuel pump.

The accessory belt is a self adjusting type with the aid of a spring loaded tensioner.

The fuel injection system is capable of delivering fuel up to max 1500 bar, which ensures better atomisation and thereby better combustion. Moreover, Piezo injectors ensure precise metering of fuel, thereby aiding better fuel economy.

 IB5 Five Speed Manual Transmission
The transmission for the new Figo is the proven five speed manual IB5 transmission designed to provide excellent response and deliver outstanding fuel economy.  Figo will continue to have Ford’s fun-to-drive theme with the performance, driveability and shift feel qualities. Gear ratios are optimized for the best performance as well as driveability. Shifting is precise and isolated from the engine and transmission vibration.

The double side dry clutch system also includes a hydraulically operated clutch mechanism that automatically compensates for the clutch wear, hence no need for periodic adjustments to the clutch pedal.

Final drive ratios of the transmission are 4.25 and 3.82 for the petrol and diesel respectively and help provide excellent driveability and gradeability characteristics without sacrificing fuel efficiency.