In its reply to Lord Smith of Kelvin’s request in a Submission to the Smith Commission, the Freight Transport Association (FTA has highlighted five objectives which are key to maintaining safe, efficient and sustainable logistics throughout the UK.

After careful consideration and in consultation with its members in Scotland, FTA outlined their views and priorities.

The Association asked the Commission when considering the scope for further devolution of any law-making and tax-raising powers to “carefully consider the consequential impacts of its proposals on Scotland’s supply chains and logistics activities and aim to avoid the potential for new costs or market distortions to arise that would disrupt current economies of scale or borderless transport patterns.”

Margaret Simpson, FTA Head of Country Scotland said:

“FTA is delighted to have been asked to submit its thoughts to the Smith Commission.  Within this we have identified five key objectives that we believe should be pursued in order that barriers and costs do not arise.  We have described the potential risks and consequences for transport and logistics for each of these and have asked that the Commission makes it an objective of their recommendations to avoid the emergence of these costs and distortions and so maintain the benefits to Scotland and the rest of the UK of a single market in transport services.”

The five objectives outlined within the FTA Submission are:

  • Free and Open Borders
  • Fair Competition for Freight
  • Quality, value for money services for Motoring Services Agencies
  • Consistent, fair and effective approach from safety regulators/agencies
  • High Quality Transport Infrastructure Networks

FTA will continue to communicate with the Secretariat of The Smith Commission in order to keep its members informed of any further developments.