Driving a car in connection with work is something most of us do at some time or other and, for many of us, driving may well be the most dangerous and regulated activity we do. Driving places significant responsibilities on both drivers and their employers under road traffic as well as health and safety legislation.

The new FTA Company Car Drivers’ Handbook is sponsored by Shell and endorsed by the Association of Car Fleet Operators (ACFO), and is the perfect tool to help plan and manage journeys.  It contains essential information in an easy-to-read format ranging from driver licensing to performing vehicle checks, with tips on safe and fuel efficient driving, to name a few.  There are blank pages for notes at the end of the book so drivers can keep useful details such as emergency telephone numbers for breakdowns, helping make the book unique to each company’s procedures.

Sally Thornley, FTA’s General Manager – Compliance Information Services, said: “We have produced this publication as a direct result of requests from our members and it makes a welcome addition to the highly valued FTA Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Handbook and Van Drivers’ Handbook. Designed to be used in conjunction with an organisation’s specific policies, such as on mobile phone use or dealing with accidents, it should help anyone who drives a car for business purposes stay both safe and within the law.”

Demand for the handbook is clear with over 100 pre-orders being made by FTA members via Shopfta before it was officially available.  It has been equally welcomed by its sponsors Shell, whose UK Marketing Manager (Commercial Fleet) Aisha Hayatuddini, said: “Shell is pleased to sponsor the FTA Company Car Drivers’ Handbook.  Health, safety, security and the environment are at the very core of what we do as a business, and are enshrined in our business principles, so a handbook such as this is a useful guide to help ensure that our people stay safe when working for us.”

The handbook is available now at shop.fta.co.uk priced at £3.00 for FTA members, £3.25 for non-members, with price reductions for multiple copies, or call 08717 11 11 11, quoting code 5045.