Freight Transport Association representatives have today (3 July) given evidence to the Transport Select Committee of MPs on major issues affecting the road freight sector.

FTA Chief Executive Theo de Pencier and Director of Policy Karen Dee gave evidence on a wide range of subjects including emissions reduction, cabotage, tolling and a vignette system for road user charging.  Also speaking at the inquiry was Mike Penning, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport.

Karen Dee said:

“FTA is delighted that the Committee has convened a special inquiry to look into issues which affect logistics companies every day.  From the importance of fuel economy to the environment and barriers to greater operational efficiency, the industry is leading the way as the country looks for growth.  We welcome having the chance to impress this important work on the Transport Committee.

“Much discussion centred on the relationship between the different modes, and the key message left with the Committee is that each mode of transport has a role to play in the supply chain – the market will dictate the choice of mode provided that not only is each mode as efficient as possible, but that the interchanges between them are also operating efficiently.

“We are pleased that the minister understands the overwhelming importance of efficient logistics, and heartened by his stance on cabotage and the need for a fair European playing field.  We will await the Committee’s findings with interest.”

The Committee, which consists of eleven Members of Parliament, is set up to scrutinise the government and hold inquiries regarding government areas of responsibility