The Caterham F1 Team and Lotus F1 Team cars will both feature Renault Samsung Motors branding during the Korean Grand Prix (6 October).

The two Renault-powered teams have agreed to fly the flag of Renault’s Korean brand on a one-off basis at this weekend’s race.

The Renault Group has been active in Korea since 2000 through its Renault Samsung Motors brand, which develops and manufactures a number of different models, including the SM3, SM5, SM7 and QM5.

Lotus F1 Team Car

Next weekend’s Korean Grand Prix will see two of the four teams powered by the Renault V8 engine feature a logo unfamiliar to most Europeans, that of the Renault Group’s Korean brand, Renault Samsung Motors.

The Korean audience will have the pleasure of the seeing the make’s name appear on the single-seater cars raced by Lotus F1 Team and Caterham F1 Team, as well as on the race suits of their drivers, at their home round of the FIA Formula One World Championship.

This logo switch is for the Korean Grand Prix weekend only, and Renault branding will return to the cars’ livery for the Japanese Grand Prix.

Renault Sport F1’s Marketing Director Olivier Gillet said: ‘F1 is a global sport, but it is also a perfect opportunity for markets to engage with their local media and clients. Renault Samsung Motors is a strong domestic brand with around 8% of the market share in South Korea, however this opportunity allows it to reach more eyeballs over a weekend and to associate itself with a fast-paced, competitive, high performing sport. The Korean GP is undoubtedly one of the premium events in the country over the sporting season, receiving hourly hits across TV, print and social media channels: in every sense, an advertisers’ dream.

This rebrand is part of an extensive 360° marketing campaign within Korea. Local press, dealers and clients will visit the Korean Grand Prix over the weekend. It is unprecedented for us to change our branding, but Korea is also a very unique market. It goes to show how F1 is now fully incorporated into the entire brand’s marketing strategy”