The key to achieving an engine’s maximum power with minimum fuel consumption is feeding it an adequate volume of clean air, and Automotive Technology Specialists (ATS) has long been meeting these needs with a broad range of K&N filtration solutions.

Air Filter Trucks

Since the start of 2012 South Africa’s leading stockist of motorsport, performance,and automotive safety products has been supplying K&N air filter elements to fit Donaldson-type filters fitted to many turbodiesel trucks, buses and some one-tonne bakkies. These commercial grade, Heavy Duty (HD) filters are designed around a new hybrid filter medium that incorporates the best characteristics of both cotton and synthetic non-woven technologies to minimise restriction. Each commercial grade diesel air filter design is tested with “Fine Grade Test Dust” using the ISO 5011 air filtration test protocol to determine filtering efficiency and dust holding capacity.

K&N commercial grade air filters have a three-year or 480 000 km limited warranty, which means a single K&N can travel further than a dozen disposable air filters. This translates into a huge maintenance cost-saving over the life of a vehicle, not to mention the reduced fuel costs from improved airflow.

A further benefit of using K&N HD air filters is that each time the filter is washed; air restriction is reduced without any loss to filtration efficiency, whereas disposable air filters become increasingly restrictive throughout their service life. Maintenance cost is further minimised by not requiring any oil treatment and the robust design means commercial pressure washers can be used. The pleated media fits between two layers of powder-coated aluminium screen wire, which is held between either steel or moulded urethane top and bottom plates.

K&N has been a leading name in filtration since the 1970s and makes a high-performance air filter for virtually any internal combustion engine you can think of…..and a few you can’t. In recent years the inherent ‘recyclability’ of these serviceable filters has become another advantage, with K&N estimating that some 100-million traditional paper-type elements (and their associated plastic and metal) find their way onto landfills each year.  So the benefits of this kind of filter are twofold: it reduces emissions by improving the efficiency of an engine and also reduces waste.

Motorsport competitors and a growing number of everyday motorists worldwide have long appreciated the enhanced protection a K&N filter offers, and now those truckers who want maximum engine efficiency with reduced maintenance costs will find the answer in the HD range.The K&N truck line-up comprises about 20 individual part numbers but is growing all the time, with the initial focus on the most popular medium and heavy commercials. Pricing starts from around R2 500, and in some cases these reusable filters cost little more than disposable ones.

ATS can be contacted on 011 670 8400 to check pricing and availability for specific applications.