French department of Calvados opts for Mercedes-Benz Intouro buses

  • 24 Mercedes-Benz Intouro buses on the road on the Calvados green bus lines – “Réseau Bus verts”
  • Economical overall concept, thanks to tried and tested components

Mercedes-Benz Bus

The French department of Calvados has ordered 24 Mercedes-Benz Intouro buses, of which the final 13 vehicles will be delivered in October this year. These city buses are being used on what are known as the green bus lines, or “Réseau Bus verts”, in Calvados, connecting the cities of Caen, Bayeux and Ouistreham. In 2011, more than 1.5 million passengers and more than 2.5 million school pupils travelled on these bus lines. The Calvados department’s decision to purchase the Intouro bus was based on the vehicle’s technical properties, eco-friendliness and profitability.

Economical overall concept, thanks to tried and tested components

Since its market launch and the start of production in 2007, the Mercedes-Benz Intouro city bus has already proved highly popular in many central and eastern European countries. In the middle of this year, Mercedes-Benz expanded its bus and coach portfolio to cover western Europe as well.

Intouro is the name given to an economical raised-floor vehicle that has been specially designed for rural-service applications such as rural regular-service use, regular school-bus services and internal company transport. When it comes to delivering rapid and sustained profitability, the Intouro combines an economical approach to purchase and operation with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Long-lasting components, robust technology and a standard equipment package aimed primarily at rural-service use are the defining characteristics of the Intouro fully equipped bus. The Intouro is manufactured by Daimler’s Turkish subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., at the state-of-the-art Hoşdere plant near Istanbul.

The Mercedes-Benz Intouro buses delivered to the Calvados department seat 59 passengers, and offer an additional space for a wheelchair. Each of the vehicles is also equipped with a breath-alcohol testing unit for the bus driver, which releases the engine for starting.

Like all other Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches, the Intouro can rely on the comprehensive Europe-wide Omniplus service network for its servicing and maintenance requirements, as well as on the many Mercedes-Benz authorised dealers and company-owned sales and service outlets.