Freedom Day South Africa 2014


Freedom Day South Africa

Today April 27, 2014 Google South Africa announced Freedom Day South Africa on their Google South African homepage with a Freedom Day South Africa Google Doodle. The first democratic elections were held on April 27, 1994 when all South African’s eighteen and older with a valid South African ID document were allowed to vote.


Millions of South African’s of all races turned up at the election station and casted their votes in peace. The result were the first democratic government in South Africa representing all races.

Top 5 Parties who received votes during the April 27, 1994 elections

Party Leader Votes % Seats
African National Congress Nelson Mandela 12,237,655 62.65 252
National F. W. de Klerk 3,983,690 20.39 82
Inkatha Freedom Party Mangosuthu Buthelezi 2,058,294 10.54 43
Freedom Front Constand Viljoen 424,555 2.17 9
Democratic Party Zach de Beer 338,426 1.73 7

The African National Congress (ANC) won their freedom during the April 27, 1997 elections. The party were led by President Nelson Mandela and South Africa transformed peacefully into a democratic and free society. Freedom Day South Africa is one of the most important holidays in the “Rainbow Nation”.

20 Years Democracy – Freedom Day South Africa 2014

This year is exactly 20 years after South Africa won their freedom. Looking back over the past few years some will say that Government have succeeded and some will say that government have failed terribly! – Being a South African I believe that the true test for our country will be the future. We are free now and nothing is holding us back to once again become a great nation. This year elections are on the May 7, 2014 and is again going to be an important day in South African history.

The next vote is not about South African against South African, It is not about color or race. The 2014 elections is about standing up against corruption and crime, and for better economic development, education and health services.

Nelson Mandela passed away on December 5, 2013 and many people have called for his legacy to live on, the May 17, 2014 election puts the power in the people’s hands and Freedom Day South Africa 2014 is a great reminder that if we stand together we can bring change!

Previous Freedom Day South Africa Google Doodles

It looks like Google have found inspiration for their Freedom Day South Africa Google Doodles in traditional needlework, bead-work integrating South African Art into their Doodles!

South Africa Freedom Day

South African Freedom Day 2013 – Google Doodle

South Africa’s Freedom Day marks the country’s first democratic elections 19 years ago when Nelson Mandela became the first black president of the newly liberated nation. To celebrate, artists from the bead project Monkeybiz have created a special doodle aiming to capture the spirit of what they hope will be a “united fun day” for all South Africans.

South African Freedom Day 2011 – Google Doodle

South_Africa_Freedom_Day_2011The Freedom Day South Africa 2011 Doodle featuring the South African Flag.

If you are celebrating Freedom Day South Africa today, we wish you a happy and peaceful day let’s together remember the Nelson Mandela legacy and the meaning of the day together! Lets stand up to corruption and crime, let’s together make South Africa a better place for all!