In the spirit of a safe and carefree festive season, the best way to prevent on-road hassles like a flat tyre or even a traumatic accident is to take your vehicle for a quick safety check from an expert eye – such as that offered as a free service by countrywide tyre fitment network Hi-Q.

Hi-Q Free Tyre Check

There’s a whole lot of fun in the sun on its way and the only sort of thing you should be worrying about on weekends is finding the best waves or visiting friends. Either way, you’ll be spending time on the road and it is wise to do this as safely as possible. Hi-Q Communications Manager Lize Hayward said motorists put their trust in Hi-Q stores and the network’s complimentary safety check was one way of enhancing their vehicle safety.

Hi-Q South Africa

“Tyres may look fine, but they will be markedly safer, perform better and be more fuel efficient if they are optimally balanced and correctly inflated. In fact, running a tyre just 20 per cent under-inflated could increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 per cent! That’s a lot to pay for just a little fresh air!”

Haywardexplained that an under-inflated tyre deflects more energy, increasing rolling resistance and making the vehicle less fuel efficient.


“It also reduces the tread life of the tyre, which means you may have to replace it sooner than necessary. Most importantly though, it is plain dangerous. If tyres are incorrectly inflated, the vehicle won’t accelerate, brake or steer properly. Safety devices like antilock braking systems may not function properly – and driving an under-inflated or overloaded tyre at high speeds, especially on a hot summer day, increases the risk of a dangerous blow-out.

“I highly recommend that motorists take advantage of Hi-Q’s free offer and pop in to have their vehicles properly checked by one of Hi-Q’s trained technicians.

“They will perform what we call the 10-point safety check on your vehicle. This entails checking all four tyres plus the spare for tread depth and pressure, the front and rear shock absorbers, the brake pads, discs and fluid, as well as the battery, exhaust and wiper blades.

“Should any of the vehicle checks highlight a worn or faulty part, the technician will recommend the correct course of action. Hi-Q stores are one-stop fitment and undercarriage parts stockists, so customers can get the problem sorted out and be back on the road again safely and quickly.

“This comprehensive check is an absolutely free service we offer motorists. Road safety is a key driver behind the Hi-Q brand. It provides our customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have taken responsibility for their own and their families’ road safety.”

Good vehicle maintenance also reduces the impact of fuel emissions into the atmosphere, so by ensuring the health of your car, you will also be contributing to the freshness of our air. What better time than summer?